Sunday, September 15, 2013

weekend shenanigans

so my weekend kind of started on Thursday afternoon.  I left school early to go to a funeral.  And can I tell you about this trip to the funeral? My younger brother drove, my youngest brother sat in the passenger seat and I sat in the back.  Obviously, since I am the shortest one -see, we drove the truck.  So while we were driving we started reminiscing about the past, in a way it was a sad reminiscing moment because we were talking about our grandpa and grandma who had passed away 10 years ago (they weren't husband and wife).  We were talking about how we were remembering their funerals, the songs we remembered hearing and the way we remembered the room.  After we talked we sat in silence for a minute. It was a good kind of silence and I really got to thinking about life.  And boy do I miss my bumpa and g-t.
Also, lets discuss Arizona weather from this past week. I mean REALLY?! Talk about making me long for cooler weather.  I came home from work one day, it felt amazing outside and so I opened all the windows and let the air just pour in. It smelt so beautiful and made me dream of the up and coming november month.  Not that I want to fast forward right through october, I really do though, but november is the month where this desert of mine actually cools down. The kind of weather where you leave your windows open all day and all night. I'm so achy for it right now just by thinking about it.

This time of year I start to get jealous of all you north america folk.  I mean seriously, you get to enjoy the cool weather much sooner than we do. But I have to admit I wouldn't trade you because I'm NOT a fan of freezing snow, you can have that much.
And at my work this past week I was getting a drink at the drinking fountain when I found these posters that show us how to wash our hands and cough.  Because we didn't already know the correct way in which one washes their hands or coughs.  Soap? What's soap?  Also, should I use the vampire cough or just cough in my hands and then shake my co-workers hand to spread germs?  

Secondly, this hand sanitizer (or hanatizer, how ever you prefer) doesn't look so sanitizing. I'm not sure if it's the bulge of its container, the clog it has at the end of the nozzle or the crusty stuff that covers the top half, either way I think I'll have to buy my own. 

Happy Monday friends!  Let's hear some random happenings from your weekend!
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  1. No only do others get cool weather earlier, they get MORE OF IT. I hate that! I am from San Diego and I miss my seasons. As soon as I can get out of here (which isn't for 2 years or more), the better. I'm thinking Oregon!

  2. Haha! You would be surprised how many people need those signs!

  3. Fellow Arizonan here - I know EXACTLY how you're feeling! The weather has been teasing us. I can't WAIT for it to cool down. Especially since I have plans to repaint my whole house, ha! Looking forward to being able to open all the windows.

  4. Two things.
    I went to Arizona with my Mommy last November and it was PERFECT temperature. But it would be way too hot for me in the summer. However, I'm only a fan of snow in December... so I'm out of luck living in Utah there. haha.
    And the hand washing posters made me laugh! My little sister went to the dentist awhile ago and because she hadn't been flossing very well they had her go sick in a back room and watch a video of HOW to floss. She came home and said "People don't not floss because they don't know how! That was the biggest waste of time!" hahaha



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