Monday, September 09, 2013

weekend shenanigans

This was one of the first weekends where we did a whole lot of studying for big tests, well I guess I should say Brand studied for a big test. I took the lazy route and just relaxed. Which probably wasn't a good idea because I really do have a lot that I need to get done. And yet, I'm sitting here writing this blog post.  Priorities. I guess we know where mine lye. 

So this weekend while Brand studies I volunteered at the Humane Society, of course.  It was such a good time! I just can't keep my self away.

Saturday morning as we were headed to AHS my mom called to tell me that my great aunt had passed away just a few hours before.  She was a breast cancer and liver cancer survivor and then wound up having bone cancer. She is one of the toughest sweetest kind-hearted people I know. And I don't mind saying that I'm related to her.  When my mom told me of her passing I couldn't help but think of the reunion that her and her son would have in heaven, he passed away at a very young age and I can't help but imagine how wonderful that reunion was. 

We also took a family trip to the temple on Saturday, I have a beautiful picture of it, that for which I will save for another/its own post because it's THAT beautiful.  One of our friends went through the temple for the first time and it was neat to go in support of her. (For more about temples go here and here) It's always such a wonderful place to go and get away from the world. Lots of temple traditions end with Cafe Rio for dinner so we obliged and joined in on the tradition.  They didn't have to pull our leg. Just say honey roasted pulled pork burrito and I come running. 

How was your weekend?! 

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