Friday, September 06, 2013

my week in pictures or a summary of what happened in school this week

For some reason this week flew by like lightening.  I'm not complaining because I actually am very happy about it.  It helps that Monday was a holiday and that I got an extra long weekend to enjoy.  

This week at school was really easy, we didn't do much and if anything it was all still review.  On Tuesday my first class was cancelled so I gave myself a tour of the Walter Cronkite building, where my classes are, and I found out that PBS records shows on one of the floors there.  Random? I think so. 

Thursday we learned how to use the online database, which honestly was so boring that I started taking pictures of my afternoon snack.  The teacher asked the class if any of us use the online database, of course no one raised their hand and then she said that we should because part of our tuition is used for it.  What I wanted to say was, okay well then since I don't use it you should lower my tuition. What a waste of money I tell ya.  Thankfully we got out of there early, honestly though I'm not sure how much longer I would have been able to listen to database lingo.  First you click the internet tool, then you type your url, then you select social work database.... yeah yeah.  

Oh and you know how some buses/shuttles (asu lingo) have those weird foot rests? What good are they? I mean they don't really do anything except give you a step stool for your feet to hang on to.  Someone should come up with a better invention. 

When I first took this picture I didn't realize how huge my hips looked.  Last night I was scrolling through
 pictures, saw this one and zoomed in and said "Whoa! My hips look like that? Someone needs to start working out!"  Then I realized that the angle is kind of weird and hopefully the glass was an optical illusion.  But really, I do need to start working out. 

Is it ironic that I have the above picture next to the cookies that I made on Monday? Well, I didn't do it on purpose if that's what your asking!  Monday night at 9 o'clock I thought it would be a great idea to make cookies.  And the only way to make cookies is to make s gigantic mess. If making a mess was a contest I would more than likely win. See that box of cornstarch? I opened it and it split all over the floor.  In fact when I was done cooking I went to sit down and put my feet up and found a powdery substance on my foot... if other people saw it I know exactly what they would have thought.  I'm not a druggie!  Also. I'm pretty sure I'm the one who has eaten most of these cookies, which in turn explains the bloated hips. W-O-W. 
I also want to talk about Brand.  He started the Masters program last week and I will say that it's in full swing.  He is gone all day, but I'm used to that because he used to work all day, and he studies all night.  I'm not complaining, because it's actually letting me get my homework done. When he used to work and when I would have homework I would always wait till the last minute to finish things, now I find myself doing them whenever I get a chance.

On Tuesday I got to drop Brand off at school, we got two nails in two different tires over labor day weekend so we only had one car. I'm pretty sure I looked like a creeper snapping pictures of him walking to class, but it's one of those memories that I don't want to forget.  A beginning of a new chapter for us.  And if I had to guess, this chapter would be called School Part Deux.  Good luck in your classes this year Brand! You are gonna do great!

And Happy Friday Friends!


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  1. That was fun having a snapshot into your life this week. Also, now I want cookie dough. haha. My husband is gone all day at work and comes home and works for his food truck he owns with his brother. So I've just learned to always have a plan of something productive to do so I don't feel too clingy ;) Hope you're having a great weekend!



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