Tuesday, September 10, 2013

how to dress a pear shaped body {work outfit} & what true love is

top/cardi: target (old), pants: jcpenny (similar), boots: ross (similar here and here), earrings: walmart (similar), watch: no longer sold, (similar here and here - mens version) 

First I have to tell you about this outfit. These pants, when worn with a heel, are very forgiving and the flare at the bottom directs the eye away from your hips. (thank heavens!!) When pared with a bold bright top, long earrings, and hair pulled back it draws you toward the top.  And when pared with a great pair of shoes everyone in the office says "oooh I like your shoes!" It's a win-win. Also, the pants aren't extremely tight, tight pants accentuate. 


True love is bringing your wife her deodorant  when she's at work and you should be on your way to class.  I tell you, every time I ask this guy for something he quickly obliges... okay, not eeeevery time but I was desperate this time.  It's one of those things, deodorant.  There's times when I specifically remember putting it on, others when I'm like okay I think I did, and then there's the oooooooh crap time!  For me the ooooooooh crap moment usually happens when it's really hot outside and I know I'm going to be out there sweating or when I know I'm going to be working with and sitting closely by my co-workers. Yiiiiikes! 

True love is eating lunch with your wife on her second internship day because she didn't have time to make lunch.  But also because she doesn't want to sit in the lunch room by herself... so I'm the loner who sits in the lunch room and who everyone avoids like the plague.  Okay, it's not that dramatic, one of the ladies actually asked me what department I worked in.  That was nice. 

True love is scratching your husbands back until he falls asleep because he has a big test in the morning and it's only 9 o'clock at night.  Honestly though, I about fell asleep myself.  You see there's this episode of the office that somehow almost always puts me to sleep, no offense to the office because I'm a mega fan, but it's almost always! 
True love is making your husband cookies when he says "hey, how long does it take to make cookies?" as a small hint toward saying "woman, make me cookies!" He's a real sweet heart.  It's also fun to come home to only four of the 15, give-or-take, cookies that were there that morning. that's how you know he liked them! 



  1. Very flattering outfit and I especially love those big bright earrings! :) As for the lunch room thing, I can completely relate - it's so awkward on those first couple of days at a new place! I would tend to slip out like you did or just eat at my desk while browsing the internet. Hopefully your coworkers warm up to soon, especially now that your deodorant is in check lol ;)

  2. I am a pear shape also and it looks like you have very similar style to me :)

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  3. Great outfit! I work from home and my 4-year-old twins are usually pretty fun to eat lunch with. :) Thanks for linking up at Friend Connect!

  4. I'm not pear-shaped but I love the look nonetheless :) Very cute!

  5. I'm not pear-shaped but I love the look nonetheless :) Very cute!

  6. Cute :) My husband has been falling asleep super early these days, I always try to just cuddle him until he's asleep and then i give myself the space I need to get decent rest. haha.
    LOVING your outfit!

  7. Hahaha it sounds like your husband is a great guy :D

    Your outfit is fantastic!!! So pretty! :D

    I found you on the blog hop, and am now following :)




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