Tuesday, September 17, 2013

how to dress a pear shaped body {the dressy capri}

top: jcpenny (similar short sleeve, long sleeve), capri: walmart (similar, here, here), shoes: tjmaxx (similar, here, here), earrings: c. wonder (similar), watch: no longer sold (similar, here, here - mens version), jewelry: random, sunglasses: juicy (similar

It's wednesday!! I'm not gonna say it, but the most recent thing that comes to my mind when someone says it's wednesday is... yeah that commercial. My dad is a big fan of it. HA! 

Anyways, I like wednesdays because it means the week is almost over and that the weekend is near, which means play time!  This week might be a little different thought, because I actually haven't finished my homework so I'll be up late working on all that jazz. Buuuuumer. That's what you get for procrastinating folks. I really need to start learning my lesson. 

Oh, and I'm really trying to be an overachiever... I know I know... But, I seriously want that suma cum lade cord.  Go ahead and laugh. 

Let's talk about this outfit. So, we've got the dress pants for work, paired with a top that really pops.  Remember this draws the eye up and not at your hips.  I've also got a heel, honestly I can hardly walk in these bad boys I don't even know why I bought them. Buyers remorse? I think so. But It's really only because I need some kind of strap on the front of my foot to keep the shoe on, maybe I bought them too big?! Wow, someone needs to help me shoe-shop!  I love wearing heels though because they make me tall and add that length that I love. So, if you have a heel that you love let me know! 

Also, unlike all you lucky people, the folks here in Arizona are still dealing with 102 degree weather, oh wait sunday it will be 99. 

Happy wednesday friends!

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  1. I love those heels so much, girl! That's really too bad that they're so hard to walk in!

  2. Those capris are fabulous! And with heels! You look great girl! Love your style.

  3. Those heels do look like they might be a little loose on you--but then tight heels are unbearable, too! I don't tend to wear them much. Good plan with the bright pattern on top! With my body shape, I way prefer patterned tops to patterned jeans!



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