Monday, September 30, 2013

bbqs, steryotypes, tours, and babes

 This weekend was a good one.  Brand's school had a little BBQ/get-together/giveaway extravaganza. Well, it wasn't extravagant, and we didn't win any of the prizes -such is our luck.  But we had fun!  I was able to meet the kids, I need to come up with a different words because they really aren't kids, that Brandon has class with.  Sometimes it's good to put names with faces.

Also, it's funny how quickly some people's personalities show.  Like one person always had to end the conversation talking about themselves, and they always end up changing the entire conversation just to for that.  Another takes it upon themselves to be constantly talking and never let anyone get a word in edge-wise.  There is the nice one, who listens and talks, but isn't over bearing -the kind I think make the best kind of friend. The ones who are literally too cool for school, like they won't talk to anyone unless they already know you. Do you like how I didn't specify gender with these examples?! That's the social worker in me!

After I was introduced to Brand's new friends he gave me a tour of campus.  I tried to remember all the buildings, but sometimes I forget.  We walked out of one of the buildings and he pointed and said what building is that.  I quickly shouted out a name and not surprisingly, I was wrong.  But really there are way too many buildings there. I got to see his classrooms and he showed me where he sat in each. All I can say is, I'm glad that I don't have to go to post graduate school.  I would never pass a class.
Sunday was our day of church and rest.  Why is it that when Sunday afternoon comes around I just feel sooooo tired? I was crocheting this black and white blanket (I can't wait for it to be finished) and I was watching hunger games and I just started getting really sleepy. I think this kind of sleep needs a name, especially since it really only comes around on Sundays. What's with that?!

During Sunday school (at church) Brand and I took a walk outside because it was so extremely freezing inside.  The weather this weekend was so amazing.  We had our windows open all day Friday and part of Saturday. I love this kind of global warming.
My most favorite part about this weekend was this picture ^^.  I fall in love every time a baby falls asleep in my arms.  I haven't had this kind of opportunity in about 6 years. But this is one of my absolute favorite moments of all time. Cuddly, sleepy babies. I could have laid there all night and I wouldn't have minded one bit. Unfortunately the nap was cut short because Uncle Brand was in the middle of almost winning a very exciting game of farkle. But, I enjoyed the moment while it lasted. 

And can I tell you how fun it is to be an Aunt?! I mean picture this. The sweetest, cutest kids wanting to sit by you, play with you, hangout with you, and even just talk with you.  On Friday Brand showed this cute little red-head a magic trick.  She was really taken back by how magical he was, Brand might have convinced her that the cup they were using was magic too -which doesn't help her mom when she tries to throw away the old plastic thing.  But the end-all favorite part is that when she picked up her older sister from school she told her about Brand's magical talent.  I love this childhood innocence. 

Why is it Monday?!



  1. I'm loving this weather! And nothing beats cuddly, sleeping babies. I have one on me right now :)

  2. I love cuddly sleeping babies in my arms. Luckily no baby hunger yet, I just like seeing other peoples ;)



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