Thursday, September 05, 2013

awkward and awesome

top: old, jeans: thrifted (rock n republic), shoes: target, watch: etsy, necklace: caroline g. 

Being called on in class when you didn't raise your hand. You look around to make sure the teacher is pointing at you and your classmates wonder why nothing is coming out of your mouth. Then you make this 
awkward noise that you hope no one else heard. 

Applying deodorant while sitting in a parked car... in a full parking lot. You gotta look around and make sure no one's watching

No dress code in college.  You'd think by now, with age, people would know how to dress accordingly.

Sitting in my classroom really early and the lights turn off.  I had one of those omgosh someone is coming for me feelings for about three seconds till I stood up and the lights turned back on. 

Waiting for the bus to take me to school and we are standing outside in a big group and this bee comes and lands on this girls head, she shakes it off and then it comes over to me and lands.  I could feel it moving on my head, like walking its creepy little legs around, and I might have screamed and everyone might have been watching. This happened literally this morning. 

The feel of cutting 6 inches off your hair. 

At school waiting for the bus and a boy takes off his belt and uses it as a bike lock.  He walks inside, I'm staring at him because I'm so interested and he looks at me like I'm a total creeper!  Dude, you are pretty cool. 

Having two cars when your first car gets two nails in its back tires. I'm not sure if I've ever been more grateful for two cars. 

Spending Labor Day with Brand and not having school or work.

Finishing my first heirloom blanket, it's one of my most favorite creations. 

My teacher keeps letting us out of class early... I thought she wasn't going to do that. 

Entertaining bus drivers.  Today we got a lovely rendition of suit and tie which ended with the bus driver taking his hat off and dramatically swatting at the air then saying "Whoooooo! That was a big one! I think I got him though!" #yesss!

Also, who says you can't wear white after labor day? 



  1. I just started grad school at ASU and ooooooh man, the clothes people-girls-wear here are ridiculous! How short can shorts get!?

  2. GAHH your beautiful! Love these photos!!



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