Monday, August 19, 2013

there's a first time for everything...

This weekend flew by, of course it's like most weekends and it was actually pretty eventful.  

So Friday night we remembered we had a giftcard to texas roadhouse --never been there before-- and so of course that's where we headed.  We've heard a lot of talk about it and have always wondered why everyone likes it so much. So there we are,  eating -like you do at any restaurant, when I see (at a few tables behind Brand) two ladies waving a fan in another ladies face and hear someone on the phone with 911.  Long story short a lady was taken out on a gurney all the while we are eating... awkwardly eating might I add.  For some reason it just doesn't feel right to be eating while someone is being rushed out on a gurney, but we just kept eating and everyone else stood up in their chairs to be nosy and look at all the commotion.  

I guess the whole thing was just awkward and it made me start thinking about how nosy people generally are.  And it ended up with me coming to the conclusion that people are general nosy, although I don't feel that I myself am, because the social worker in me says "well how would I feel if people were staring at me?" so I don't like to stare.  Also, didn't our mothers tell us it's not polite?! Come on people! 

After dinner, we realized that texas roadhouse isn't all it's cracked up to be and agreed that we would probably never go again unless we got a gift card and didn't have to wait more than 15 minutes to get a seat. I guess we aren't really country folk. 
First I'll answer your question.  Yes, that is a car seat in the back of our car, I'm a nanny until Wednesday. 

Afterwards I had a $10 kohls cash that was burning a hole in my pocket -don't they always, and so we had to use it.  I once again found nothing that I had to have, but Brand found this cute collared shirt.  So the trip wasn't all for not, thank goodness.  

Also, have I ever told you about Arizona's sunsets?  Friday night's was to die for, it turned the sky purple right as it was ending and it was one of those that looks better in person than in a picture. Arizona is notorious for beautiful sunsets and my most favorite thing to do in spring is to hike the mountain just before sunset and sit and watch. Mmmm beautiful.

Somewhere in between Friday and Saturday night we had a starbucks run, we don't go there too often because it's pretty expensive, but when we do it's heavenly.  I think I finished my frap in about 5 minutes.

One more thing, we discussed that our future children are going to be lovers of The Temptations just like us. Oh and Billy Joel.   End of story.

Happy Monday!



  1. I love the rolls at Texas Roadhouse, but otherwise their food is hit or miss.

  2. I was a nanny for a year and everyone would ask me about the car seats in my car. They were booster seats but they still caused people to think I was preggers. Nate and I started just telling people that I was pregnant with toddler twins whenever anyone asked about them. ;-)

  3. I can almost imagine how beautiful the sunset must be in real! I wished we had a mountain at my parent's house to climb up and see the sunset... but at the moment, there is even the sun missing :/

  4. Yesssss.
    My husband and I talk about all the bands we'll get our future children into. Like the Beatles, and Usher. We laughed that all the music I like, is "old school" already.



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