Friday, August 23, 2013

i said i would do it

Yesterday was the most official last first day I've ever had. That means it was monotonous. We read syllabi and did class introductions.  Sometimes I think the first days are just pointless, like I can read the syllabus at home and I'll send you an email if I get confused or have a question.  I guess it's a nice was to meet the teacher before she/he starts slamming garb down your throat. Okay, they mean well.  I have to say and I know I say this every time I start school, but I'm pretty nervous for this semester.  There is so much that I have going on.

Have I told you about my internship? Well, I can't really, it's one of the confidential things that I shouldn't talk about on here.  But I can say that I'm nervous to mess up, I guess this whole nervousness comes from the unknown.  I'm not a lover of the unknown.  In fact, I dislike it. Just tell me what's going to happen and I'll be that much happier. I mean really. 

I know I'm not the only one, but it's still a little nerve wracking. 
Anyways, did I tell you that I made the Dean's List last semester too?! Yep, really hoping I can keep it up this semester! And can I say that the certificates they give now are just a piece of paper, it used to be a nice glossy one, but now it's a regular one. haha, oh asu. 

Have a great weekend friends!  Today Brand and I both have the day off so we are going to enjoy our last day of freedom and no worries!! 

Good luck!! Here's to making new friends and having a good semester! 


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