Sunday, August 11, 2013

fry bread for two

First I HAAAAVE to say that this ^ picture just might be one of my favorites. Brand is licking his fingers clean of the sugar, cinnamon, and honey residue that took refuge there. 
How are you NOT drooling?!?

So just let me start by telling you how much I love finding new places to eat. I love it a lot.  So much that when I eat their for the first time I know that it wont be my last and it gets me all excited.  This weekend we found a restaurant that hit the jackpot.  White Eyes Fresh Fry Bread, is what they call it.  It's one of those places that you can see your self coming back to not only for the dinner but for the dessert too.

It's like Mexican food on steroids, and we all know how much I love Mexican food.

I could see this place it being extremely successful in New York, with all the hustle and bustle of the city, hungry workers of corporate America on their lunch break just looking for the place that will hit the spot. Or maybe it's because I feel like this is the kind of food they eat in New York, made quick to be eaten on the go.  And then sometimes I think I just hold New York to a high standard of intrigue and zeal. I mean, all the movies make it look like such a cool city.  I know I'd live there in a heart beat.  I don't think my heart has been the same since 07 when I took my first visit.

Baaaack to my weekend foodie visit.  Speaking of foodie, I'm pretty sure the people thought I was a foodie with the amount of pictures I was taking. It kind of felt awkward! I even had Brand take a few for me because I felt like a total dweeb! Has this ever happened to you?!

So the dinner was great and the dessert was delicious, and we will be heading back there again I'm absolutely positive.
And of course, our night would not be complete without a trip to world market.  Let's just take a minute and  look at all that yummy chocolate. I couldn't get myself to buy any of it, but I was just fine standing back and talking a long stare at it. I can only imagine what those kids felt when the got to go to willy wonka's chocolate factory. Turds.

We spent a good half hour there and I strolled along every isle picturing each item in my apartment, until I ran out of space in my apartment.  Then I started decorating a new apartment.  I could decorate my life in world market, such ornate beautiful things they have. 



  1. I have found your blog on Hop till you drop and I luv your blog. I will be following you on Bloglovin :)

    Luv your blog! I found you on hop till u drop and I have just started following you on Bloglovin :)

    Rowdy Fairy

  2. I was drooling, that food looks delicious! And yay for World Market, that place is seriously my favorite store!

  3. I cannot go into world market without buying Kinder something. Please tell me you've had it.

    Just found you on the blog hop too.
    Like what you have going on around here (:

  4. i love world market, too! that food looks AMAZING!



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