Friday, August 30, 2013

awkward and awesome

usually I do outfit posts with awkward and awesome, but I don't have any for today, so please enjoy some back to school scenes. 

Walking out of class when the girl in front of you is talking to you, but you don't know her, and she turns around and says "ooops, you aren't the person I thought you were!". 

Standing at the bathroom sink washing my hands when the mean girl from last year is doing the same thing at the same time and not a word was said.  I probably should have said something, but nothing nice came to mind.  And you know what my mom taught me....

Class introductions (and it never fails) "I'm Alyssa and I don't think I did anything this summer... wait no I didn't do anything, anything, at all." What I should have said was "I'm Alyssa, and this summer I worked." It was one of those things where you wished the people would have laughed to break the tension in the air.... didn't happen. 

Walking around the building and passing my teacher twice, eye contact was not made the second time.  He must have thought I was some crazed student who just walks in circles. 

Talking to a girl, who I don't know, in orientation about the 7$ mac&cheese I just had and me being appalled that it was 7$!!  She didn't seem all that amused that my mac&cheese was 7$, and then she brought her bag up and it was a big 'ole Marc Jacobs one.. obviously 7$ to her is chunk change.

The Arizona heat.  It makes everything smell. Like my bus for example, it smelt like the boys locker room.

Having a day off and being able to spend it with Brand.  It's the one day this summer where we've actually had nothing to do, like no work, school or volunteering.  It was our one day of vacation.  And I'm so grateful for it! 

Waking up and realizing you have 2 more hours till you actually have to be up. 

Introducing Brand to Frasier, now he can't get enough of it. (It's one of my childhood tv shows)

Brand starting school! So excited for him to be in the masters program, I feel like we have officially ended the life of working in corporate america and started life being in school... and in debt. Debt = not awesome.

Getting out of class 25 minutes early.  And my teacher made sure we understood that it was never happening again.  

What are you awkward and awesome moments? 


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  1. In college I somehow ended up dating my manager's ex boyfriend. They ending up getting back together. Oh the awkwardness of living in an apartment building between the two. I walked in on so many fights in the lobby while getting mail. haha. I loved your awkward moments. Glad I'm not alone ;)



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