Wednesday, July 24, 2013

when your birthday is on a work day you should always have a birthday weekend

Birthday boy turned the big 2-8 last Friday.  But let's take a minute to gasp, WHAAAA? I've known this guy for almost SIX years?! Seems like just yesterday when I saw his muscle-y self walk up and sit next to me at Applebee's. Or when I sat behind him at church and could see his muscles budging out of his shirt... wow, people I guess all I cared about were muscles? NOT TRUE! Haha! I'm only joking, he's more than muscles. 

So, because Brand's birthday was on a work day, *the crowd says Boooooo!* It was only fair to allow for another day to celebrate, which turned into a weekend when on Sunday he kindly asked if I could make him a sandwich and then straight after said... because it's my birthday weekend.  I didn't mind though, he definitely earned the weekend. 

I like to spoil Brand, and especially when it's his birthday.  A few years back I started a tradition where I decorate the apartment for his special day. I buy streamers and balloons from the 99 cent store and go crazy.  Remember when you were a kid and your mom would take streamers and hang them from your bedroom door frame? And remember how you wouldn't allow take down of the decorations for at least a week after the birthday has passed? Let's just say our apartment is in birthday week mode. 

And like any poor-married-students we searched pinterest for all the free things that you could get on your birthday and signed up for them.  Little to our dismay did we realize that you probably should sign up prior to your actual birthday... and then we thought about how many people are like us.  Signing up on their birthday hoping to get that free dessert from the ice cream store. Probably LOTS! We did however score the grand slam at Denny's! 

I also would like to point out how clear and beautiful the sky was that day.  Brand likes when you can see the mountains on each side of the valley and he likes clear blue skies.  I don't blame him, it was really a beautiful day for visibility which, to me felt like a little Happy Birthday memento from mother nature. 

I'd say Brand's birthday weekend was celebrated correctly.  


  1. I'm so glad he had such a great birthday weekend! :-)

  2. you can never go wrong with Denny's!!!
    totally following- can't wait to see more

    xo Jessica
    follow back if ya like!

  3. Love that you two have a tradition! How fun. Happy late birthday to Brand!

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