Wednesday, July 17, 2013

when it rains you find an excuse to go outside

Let's talk about weather... I mean isn't that what you talk about when you have nothing else to say?  I've been having the worst migraines this week and I have a feeling that it has something to do with this horrid weather. Booooooo.

Arizona is known for its notorious heat... if you didn't know.  It's the kind of heat that keeps you inside all day, for weeks,  and it makes you feel like the biggest hermit. (I had to explain what this definition of hermit means to one of the littles that I watch, such innocent minds I tell ya. Oh, and on an unrelated note, is it just me or is it hard to keep your opinions and bias to your self when explaining things to children? I have a hard time with it sometimes, but I feel like it's important for them to come up with their own conclusions. Yay?)

Anyways, baaaaaack to the Arizona weather.  It's just been horrid of course.  Mother weather has been messing with our minds and giving us with gray skies and humidity. She's rude.  It's like as soon as you walk out your front door you have this big wave of heat splash all over you welcoming you outside and telling you that you are absolutely going to DREAD walking to your car and turning on the ac.  

Well last night Brand and I were watching some show when all of a sudden I hear this pitter-patter from outside.  I stand up and to my surprise I see the blessed rain!  I tell Brand ITS RAINING with exaggerated excitement like we've been in a drought for years, and I run to the patio where I record this instagram video, after I post it I realize that it's one of the worst videos I've ever taken and am tempted to delete it, but I don't.  You can definitely tell how excited I was by how quickly I was panning the view.  Embarrassing. 

So, I decided that I wanted to get out in this rain 1) because our car was a dusty mess and 2) because I just wanted to enjoy it.  So we drive and drive for miles.  The rain is soft and light at first, but then it turns into these big drops which make me worry that it might start to hail, thankfully it doesn't.  We drive for a while and I snap the above photos. I couldn't help it.  And throughout the whole time I felt like a creepy paparazzi guy trying to get a picture of Kate Middleton's new baby. It was like I was stalking the rain. But don't they have names for those kinds of people? Rain chasers? That's it... I'm a newly born rain chaser. 

Bring us some more rain Mother weather! Pleeeeeease!!



  1. I LOVED the humidity and rain this week. Reminds me of Florida!


    XO Lourdes

  2. I love rain!! there is nothing more romantic than bad weather while your are in a save and dry place^^



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