Saturday, July 20, 2013

what I'm liking

this looks so yum right now! 

If you missed my post this week you can find them here: 
Monday: take me out to the ball game
Wednesday: finding excuses to go out in the rain
Friday:  an ode to Brand
Δ  really starting to love embroidered things, and this shop is the cutest!

Δ I can't get over how crafty this lady is! I can't wait to have kids so I can make all these things for them!

Δ I'm also a sucker for handmade watercolors, like these, these and these for example.
Δ and I'm looking for a good inexpensive necklace similar to any of these. one, two, three
Δ and this weekend I hope to see this.

Happy Saturday!! 


  1. I'm getting so obsessed with jewelry. always has rockin' jewelry for good prices!! Same with a website called Very Jane and Rubee Lane! :)

    I always try to find necklaces like that at like Plato's Closet (I don't know if they have any of those located where you live). Or even like Claire's or Icing!

  2. I love watercolor paintings! I started taking a class (but had to quit because of my work schedule). It's so hard, but I think that just makes me appreciate the paintings more.



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