Monday, July 15, 2013

take me out to the ball game

Sometimes you have weekends where you get to do something out of the ordinary, and when I say out of the ordinary I mean something that you can hardly ever do because it costs too much money.  Obviously we were given tickets to the baseball game, because there is no way I could have gotten Brand to pay for these seats... and there is also no way I would have gotten myself to pay for these seats. It's fun to go to a baseball game, and every bit of it threw me back to the year 2001 when I thought I was the d-backs number one fan and that's because I really was.  

My dad took us to baseball games every now and then when we were younger and I've loved baseball ever since.  I remember as we would walk up to the ballpark, my dad would always buy peanuts and waters from his favorite vendor.  I had sort of a love hate relationship with those peanuts, I hated them because they my dad made such a mess with them and I always worried about the poor workers who would have to clean them up, but then I loved them because I loved the noise they made when I stomped on them.  The big peanut mess became sort of a staple to making a good-successful-entertaining-oooing-and-ahhing baseball game. 

It was actually at the baseball games where I learned what beer smelt like.  And to this day it always reminds me of a good baseball game, it also reminds me of the inebriated people who sat near us. They are always the funniest of people aren't they?

I feel like there is an unspoken rule at any baseball game.  You always make friends with the people you are sitting by.  I don't know if it's because of the beer, or just because we are all sitting so close together that we can see each others earwax, but it's one of my all time favorite things that happens at a baseball game.  The comradery, the warm feelings, the energy.  Because when your team hits back-to-back home runs you know your're gonna give the stranger next to you a big high-five.  It's just how baseball games go. 

Brand and I had a wonderful time at the game on Saturday night.  It was all of the above and then some.  I mean there was so much energy in the ballpark that I felt like it was the World Series all over again. Brand got into the cheering spirit and I had a blast watching him enjoy himself, I love it when he's having fun.  Also, is there anything better than a come-from-behind winning game? I think we were standing and cheering for at least the last 4 innings.  Also, the 7th inning stretch anyone?!

And to answer your question, yes -we made friends with the people we were sitting next to and they were lovely. 

Oh, I love baseball. 

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  1. Ah, well I have been to a few D-backs games being in Arizona, but I'm more partial to football. You make going to the games seem like an amazing experience. I can't wait til My husband and oldest son can go to one together. :)

  2. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!!! :-)



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