Monday, July 29, 2013

in the words of reb tevye

Traditiooooooooo, tradition. 

This weekend was one of those weekends where almost everything we did took me back in time.

When we first got married Brand and I had a thing for Cheesecake Factory.  Okay, maybe a thing is saying it lightly, we were slightly obsessed.  So obsessed that almost all the waiters knew who we were, as did the managers, and as did the hostesses...  It was that bad.  So Brand got a gift card to Cheesecake for his bday and of course we obliged and had a fun date night. We got the usual, Pasta Carbonara with chicken and no peas, and it tasted just as I remembered.  Traditionally Brand would eat the chicken, I wasn't a huge fan, while I started eating the pasta. And so, without discussion, that's how it went down --I didn't have a bite of chicken.  We reminisced about our favorite seat, which was back by the kitchen in the corner right where all the action was. And we talked about how we think they have microphones hidden in the seat cushions because whenever we would say something like "I need a refill" or "I need more bread"  someone would come right over, like clock work.

Another tradition Brand and I had was playing Settlers of Catan with Brand's sister and her husband. We would have late night dates after the littles went to bed --reluctantly though because we were company and they wanted to stay up and visit with us, how I love those littles! We would play at least two rounds, I remember one time Brand wanted to keep playing until he won a game, but I don't remember how that turned out.  While they played Settlers I would crochet, I'm not much of a game person, but I do love watching. And so to keep tradition, all of the above took place.  Except this time there was another little with the curliest hair you ever did see, along with some can root beer that joined.  How I love being with family and sharing these memories with them.  It's the absolute best.

Brand and I recently started a tradition after we volunteer at the Arizona Humane Society.  We eat lunch at Cane's. And it's another one of those traditions that I really like!

Happy Monday my friends! I hope your weekend was well.

Puppies pictures above are Maggie, the family dog. And Max a homeless pup from AHS, he is the sweetest boy.

What are your traditions?!


  1. What absolutely precious traditions! I'm glad you got to enjoy them all this weekend! :-)

  2. Dang now I am CRAVING Cheesecake Factory. The closest one to me is about an hour away so I never get to go there enough!

  3. you two are so cute and i think it's neat you guys have traditions! I am not married or have a boyfriend..yet! but look forward to making traditions! :) I've been meaning to email/comment to you for weeks as I saw you on tv, channel 3 helping with AHS!!! I was in my roommate's room and she was watching the pets being put up for adoption and i said..HEY that's alyssa! haha. I am an animal lover too and wish i could rescue a dog or 2, but 1. can't afford it 2. not allowed to have pets where i live :( boo.



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