Friday, July 19, 2013

an ode to Brand

(This poem is named after Dwight's idea for Kelly's birthday theme from "The Office".  Obviously I HAD to incorporate. )

It is your birthday.

It is your birthday,
The day you treasure each year. 
It's filled with friends and family, 
And brings a special cheer. 

This day is meant for you alone, 
because you're one special man. 
So come-on! get your booty home, 
we've got so much planned. 

This morning before you woke up I decorated the house.
Although I didn't finish,   
I was quieter than a mouse. 

I remembered from last year that you loved the decorations, 
And I wanted to make it special this year
just for your accommodation. 

I really hope you enjoy your day, 
You have definitely earned every bit.
I think I'm done with the rhyming now, 
Obviously I'm not very good at it. 

But, if there is one thing for you to take from this poem, 
I hope that it would be, 
A REALLY Happy Birthday to your reem self, from me!  

Happy Birthday to the one and only Brand! 


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