Monday, June 24, 2013

that moment you wait for, for two whole years.

If you are Mormon and have experienced having a missionary out in the field you will know what I'm talking about when I say I've waited for this moment for the past two years.  In my religion young men and women serve church missions. They each serve at different ages, young men starting at 18 and young women starting at 19.  They serve for a period of 18-24 months in the country they are assigned to, they don't get to choose where they serve.  Throughout the time they serve they invite others to come unto Christ and teach them of the gospel.  During their service the missionaries get to speak with their families two times a year, on Mother's Day and Christmas and they get to write home once a week.  It's an amazing sacrifice for these young men and women to leave their families and their lives at home to go and serve our Heavenly Father.

By brother served a two year mission in the Dominican Republic and returned home just last Tuesday.

Here we are patiently waiting his arrival. 

Some of his little "fans" peaking around the corner to see if they can see him yet. 

Oldest -----> Youngest. Shortest ------- > Tallest. 
But, I've accepted it. 
Throughout these past two years I've been blessed by my brother's testimony through the stories he tells, and the way he speaks.  My testimony has been strengthened so much.  I can't talk about missionary work without getting at least a little bit teary eyed. 

Last week on instagram, twitter and vine you would have seen me spamming the feed with this wonderful news. It's one of those moments I've been waiting for, for two years.  The moment he walked down the sidewalk into the Provo MTC (missionary training center) I was waiting for him to come home.  My siblings and me are pretty close. There are only three of us after all. During high school I had friends, but they weren't people that I would hang out with on the weekends.  I hung out with my family so it was hard to have my brother gone. 

I'm so grateful to have him back! It's great to have him out serving our Heavenly Father, but it's even greater to have him home.  This whole experience made me think of what it will be like to see those who went before us. It makes me all happy inside! 

Happy Monday! 




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