Thursday, June 27, 2013

my week in pictures

1. Last weekend I got a little festive and created some 4th of July decor, what do you think about my red, white, and blue star bunting? I also made an American Flag wreath that I'm sure will make its appearance on instagram sometime this week. 

2.  I took this picture because the whole thing seemed a bit artsy to me.  I was thinking everyone was going to like the picture on instagram, but I was wrong.  Really though, doesn't it seem like one of those pictures you'd see on a persons instagram who has like 13k..... just me?  The second awesome fact about this picture is that AHS has a new thrift store in Arizona, and it's seriously huge, this is a picture from the dressing room.  They have some really awesome stuff, I purchased a Gap and J.Crew shirt and it all cost less than $5. Scooooore.

3. I really love this picture of brand.  Something about the fun memory and the fact that it was somewhat candid... I think he was in the middle of saying something, this weekend we might need to recreate this. 

4.  Maggie, I cannot get over how much I love this pup.  And seriously though, I can't get over how much I love all animals, there is some innate about it.  It's just how I'm made I guess. 

5.  I also tried my hand at my first instagram video, you can watch that here. It's rather crazy to see how blue my eyes are in the video! 

what was blogged this week: 
wednesday: tips and tricks to help build your relationship with your significant other
tuesday: in the summer, saturday mornings are meant for hikes and healthy foods
monday: that moment you wait for, for two whole years

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  1. Maggie is so cute! I grew up with Beagles and they are the best!

  2. Those fourth of July decorations are adorable! So creative :)

    Suzy @ Happy Wife, Happy Life



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