Tuesday, June 25, 2013

in the summer saturday mornings are meant for hikes and healthy foods

In the summer time it's hot. --I think that's an obvious statement.

Saturday mornings in Arizona are sometimes to die for.  I mean, they can be simply beautiful.  Take this past Saturday for example.  Brand and I took an impromptu hike-picnic because the weather was the bee's knees.  The wind was blowing ever so perfectly and there was the best amount of cloud coverage.  Brand and I are always ready to change our plans at the drop of a hat, I guess we are just spontaneous like that.. sometimes.  We've also been on this rabbit diet so what better way to get the extra healthy feel?  Hiking and eating our fruits at the tip top of the mountain. So lovely.

We saw houses and mountains for days. Rediscovered the different roof top patterns each subdivision has.  Sent  a picture text to our families creepily telling them we were watching them, and in reality we could see their houses.  Took a good half hour to consume watermelon, strawberries (with stevia of course), grapes, and cantaloupe.  Watched shirtless grandpas get their tan on, one of which I was thiiiiiiiis close to taking a picture of. And listening to the wind blow and the crickets chirp, --thankfully there were no snakes or scorpions spotted on this excursion, that would have creeped me out.  I'm grateful for these kinds of summer mornings, they make my heart smile.

I love this Arizona of mine.  It especially surprises me every time I go for a hike, can a desert be more beautiful?  Also, if you look reeeeeeally close you can see downtown Phoenix. 


  1. Simple perfect. Glad you had a good time!

  2. that sounds wonderful! especially all the fruit eating and scenery :)

  3. What a fun picnic! :-) That's so great that you got to enjoy it. :-)



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