Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Book Club {Catching Fire Review & Link up}

1. How quickly did you read Catching Fire?
A: I'm normally a slow reader, but I think for the time I spent reading the book I read it pretty fast. 

2. Why do you think the courage of a teenager can/cannot make an impact on society?
A:  I think the courage of a teenager can impact society specifically in Katniss' case.  First of all Katniss was in the Games because she volunteered as tribute for her sister, and District 12 had never had a volunteer tribute.  Secondly she was famous because of the fiery dress the Cinna made her, it caught every one's eye.  And lastly she defied the Games when she was going to eat the berries with Peeta, and the Games made her famous.  Throughout her life she has been courageous, when her father died she was the motherly role because she felt that her mother was alienating herself.  I think that since District 13 rebelled it has been on people's minds, but they just haven't had someone so heroic as Katniss. 

3. Did your perception of Peeta change over the course of the book?
A: At first I was really annoyed with the way they were portrayng Peeta, it was like he was the damsel in distress and Katniss had to always save him.  I think Peeta is a strong character and that he is one of the main reasons Katniss is still alive.  

4. Why do you think fire is an appropriate symbol for Katniss?
A: Fire is such a great symbol for Katniss, fire means destruction, chaos, heat, etc.  And I think this gave many citizens of Panem something to look up to, it helped remind them of the rebel in District 13. 

5. What was the most tension-filled moment for you to read in the book?
A: The most tension filled moment for me was when Joanna hit Katniss over the head with the wire container and started cutting her (I wont say why she did that in case you haven't read the book yet.).  For me I was reading and I was like what the heck? those turds, they planned this!! 

6. Rate Catching Fire 1 to 5, with 5 being an amazing read. 
A: I really loved catching fire, I would rate it a 5.  I was on my toes so much and there were so many great moments in the book that just grabbed my attention. 

Any other questions you want to discuss? Let's hear them!  Also, if you want I thought it would be fun to 
have a discussion about it on twitter? Maybe later this week?

For these next two weeks I'll be reading "The Message" by Lance Richardson. 
I've had a few people read it and tell me it was good so I thought I'd give it a try. 
"If a man were to die, and then return, what message might those from the world beyond send back to us?"
And then after that I want to read
Carry On, Warrior
I've been hearing excellent things about it and have been dying to read it! 
Link up your reviews friends! I'd love to see what your answers are!



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  1. I loved this book. Can't wait for the movie!



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