Thursday, June 13, 2013

awkward and awesome

top/jeans: tjmaxx, sandals: target, earrings: the limited
- Took the 3 kiddos to the mall on Monday, got some dirty looks and people were obviously thinking I was the one who started the so they started calling me mom. 
- When you are following the car in front of you because they are going in the same direction you are going.  It gets so awkward and looks like I'm following them that I start to slow down and they start to speed up. 
- So I love my purse that I can sling across my body and not have to carry it on just one shoulder.  But this weekend I was at the mall and I looked in the mirror and noticed a rather awkward satchel boob.  You know, the kind where you purse strap goes in between that part, and it was just plain awkward. Now when I wear the purse I hold the strap so it doesn't interfere with my business. 
- Sunburns, and you would think that I learned my lesson already. 

- Stevia and strawberries, the only problem is not knowing how much stevia you can put on the strawberries till it's no longer healthy. 
- The feel of a brand new, never opened book. The pages turn so easily and the smell puts a spell on me. 
- Learning that my great great grandpa was a Chippewa Indian, that makes me 1/16th Chippewa. Although you would never know it when you look at me, well except for my hair. 
- After sunburn tans, usually only happens on my arms, and in these pictures my arms look super tan for this white girl. 
- Wedged tennis shoes. Seriously, a 1 and a half inch wedge on those babies. 

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  1. I love that top, it's adorable on you!


  2. I love that top, it's adorable on you!


  3. I love that top, it's adorable on you!


  4. Bah... I am the oldest of 8 children. The youngest is a year old. So and that happens to me when I take my siblings out! :)

    I totally understand the side boob thing AND the following a car thing.

    Xo Lourdes

  5. The car thing made me laugh out loud! I'm usually the paranoid person driving in front of you that thinks "this weirdo is STILL behind me!" ;)

    And your outfit is so adorable--I have got to get some red pants!




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