Monday, May 20, 2013

what I wore: feeling nostalgic about high school

shirt/sandals: target, jeans: f21, hat: gifted, purse: gifted, bracelets: nordstrom 

I know the picture quality of these pictures is pretty bad and I really shouldn't have taken these pictures at this time of day. 
Why is it always that the pictures you try and take of the sunset don't ever turn out?

Anyways, this weekend was filled with wonderful things. 
Yesterday my brother and SIL had their seminary graduation and this week they are graduating from high school. 
I can't believe how fast the time has flown by! 
I remember it like yesterday when they had their first day of high school. 
I was nervous for them, because I remember what it was like to be a Freshman, but I knew they would be alright. 

Through these past four years they have accomplished so much and have really been great examples to me. 
I can only imagine great things coming from them. 
 This whole thing has made me a little nostalgic, because I remember my last day of high school. 
It felt so unreal and nerve-wracking. 

I remember wanting to leave high school because I really did not like it at all. 
But I also remember thinking that my life was just about to start. 
I had so much ahead of me. 
So many options at grasp. 

Being done with high school is such a wonderful feeling. 
I think this time next year I will have similar feelings. 
Oh the wonderful things life brings. 

Change can really be a good thing!  

Congrats to all you graduates! 



  1. I love it! I don't think I can pull it off, though.. but definitely gorgeous on you :)

    If you have a sec, hope you can drop by my blog too and read my latest:

  2. That's a cute outfit on you. I'm attracted by the white shirt, so clean and crisp.

  3. I Love this look! So casual, yet so stylish! LOVE :)

  4. this outfit is so cute! very summery with it being so comfy and chic!

    lindsey louise



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