Tuesday, May 14, 2013

my feelings on mother's day

via me 5-11-13

It's a fact, I know a marvelous amount of mothers. 
They each bring light to their children's faces and are great examples. 
I am so grateful for their examples and testimonies. 
They make motherhood look great. 

I don't like to dwell in self pity very much, although there are certain triggers that get me down. 
Thankfully I know what they are and avoid them at any cost. 
For me mother's day can be a small trigger because it reminds me that I am not a mother. 
(I can here Brand now, "Not yet!")
Either way, I currently do not have children. 
This is not me saying that we are not able to have children, this is just me saying that we just don't have any right now. 

But oh how I love the smell of a new baby, or the sweet sounds they make when they are asleep. 
Or how about those little smirks they give because they are dreaming or because they are gassy... I like to think the former, HA-HA! 
What about when they start to crawl and walk? 
Or talk and can say your name?
When they grow up and become such smart little people. 
Children are so wonderful!

I know there are a lot of women like me out there who do not have children, but dream of the day when they do.  
It is important for us to remember that children don't have to physically come from us in order for you to impact their lives and teach them
Our students can be our children, because we teach them what they need to know to grow and become smart.
Our primary class children can be our children because we help them continue to learn about the teachings of the church. 
The children we watch/babysit can be our children because we help them learn wrong from right and teach them the value of family. 

Do you feel you need blood relation in order to do such things? 
Or is an open conversation good enough?
It's important to know that just by being there, by being an example to them, you are teaching them.

It is also important to remember that just because we are teachers or nannies that we are not trying to take the place of their parents. 
That is not our job. 

So, until the time comes when you are blessed with one of the greatest gifts we can receive on this earth, don't get down or feel less than just because you don't have children. 
Remember the ways that you can impact their lives without being their parent. 

I hope this makes sense! 

Happy Tuesday! 


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