Thursday, May 30, 2013

awkward & awesome


Previously wore this top outfit with shorts here
top/pants: jcpenny's, cardi/bracelets: nordstrom, shoes: famous footwear, necklace: nana, earrings: the limited. 

- Dropping almost everything in my hands (glasses case, trash, and other randoms) while walking the kids out of McDonald's.  As the drop was taking place I swear everyone was staring at me and it was all slow motion like NOOOOOOOOOO
- Not wanting someone to find out a secret, but it's hard to keep the secret because they keep asking questions and you obviously don't want them to know about it but they just keep being nosey. 
- Trying to find a substitute for our Primary class the DAY BEFORE we need them. Obviously it would take forever to get someone to say they would do it. 
- Explaining my jokes and not understanding other people's jokes. Sometimes I like to make the excuse that I was dropped on my head as a child, then I get the sympathy card. (I wasn't really dropped though, or was I?)
- Meeting someone for the first time and totally being looked up and down.  I'm thinking Oh my heck, is my fly undone? And then afterwards, Oh my heck did she just do that?! 

- At the local play place when my little buddy yells to me "Sissy! I made friends!!" Followed by the biggest smile and a thumbs up! 
- Being told by a 5 year old that I need to have a baby in my tummy. 
- Buying ice cream in I don't know how long and it being REALLY good. Almost as good as I remember. 
- Missionary homecomings, especially when it's your BIL.
- Finally finding a car exactly three months to the date of when the one we replaced was smashed. 
- Summer breaks with NO SCHOOL!



  1. Yay! I'm so glad you guys found a car! :-)

  2. Little primary kids are the cutest! I taught the sunbeams for a just a few months and I miss those kidlets like crazy. They're pretty honest, aren't they? haha



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