Monday, April 08, 2013

what I wore: I woke up on the wrong side of the bed... literally

shorts: thrifted (similar) , top: jcpenny's, cardi: nordstrom, flips: payless, watch: gifted (similar) , earrings: ElisabethSpace Jewlery

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
Well, I literally did this morning. 
You see, sometimes Brand does this thing where he lays on my side of the bed and says,
"Oh, I thought it was your turn to sleep out on the couch tonight..."
(he is joking of course)
So in return I try and push him to his side of the bed, it never works but it's worth the effort. 
Can you imagine me trying to push him to his side of the bed? 
It's really comical actually. 

So, last night Brandon pulls the "Oh, I thought it was your turn to sleep out on the couch tonight..." bit. 
And so I decided to lay on his side of the bed instead. 
It definitely was a weird feeling, I felt like his side of the bed was higher than mine and I also felt like it was more comfortable. 
Oh, and his pillow that he bought from the chiropractor... heavenly... before this experiment I had thought it was a waste of money. 

It was a different experience. 
There were a few times when I woke up during the night a little confused because I was in the wrong spot. 
Or there was a time where I thought Brandon was too far on my new side of the bed and squashing me into a little space. But I was the one who was too far over. 
And in the morning when his alarm went off, I thought it was my alarm because it was on my bedside table so I almost got up to turn it off.
I know this is so random, but I thought it was interesting to see the different perspective that laying on the "other side of the bed" gives you. 

If you are laying in bed, on your back what side do you lay on?
I lay on the right side. 
I don't know how this was decided when we got married. 
In fact, I was thinking about it last night and wondered how everyone else decided. 
It's kind of an odd question to ask, but it still got me thinking. 

Thinking about..
How "your side of the bed" was established anyways?
Yeah, it makes for less confusion and less fighting over a specific side of the bed. 

Happy Monday Friends! 

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  1. I always make my boyfriend sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door!

    Will you be returning to your side tonight?

  2. Growing up I know my parents were always like ths, mom on the left, dad on the right. So that's how my husband and I sleep. Somehow I prefer the left side of the bed better but sometimes in the middle of the night we will switch. Doesnt happen every night though. I feel like I sleep ok on either side

  3. What a wonderful bright and cheery outfit! I'd love for you to link up to My Style Monday.

  4. Great outfit. Love the spring colours. Visiting from the link up. I'm also hosting one this Thursday April 11. Show me your favorite Spring Trend. HOpe you can join.


  5. Such a pretty sunny outfit! I do get discombobulated it I sleep on the "wrong" side of the bed (after 20 years) : > Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday!

  6. I have done that before when I can't sleep, because his side is closer to the TV. It is such a weird feeling and I never sleep as well!
    It is so weird that you wrote this today, because all of last week my boyfriend was sick and so we slept in the living room (it is closer to the bathroom).
    Last night was the first night we slept in bed for a week and I had the worst nights sleep ever! I actually felt claustrophobic and just awkward. So weird!
    Love your outfit too.

  7. Haha. What a great idea to trade spots. :-) My hubby and I decided which side we'd be on because he wanted to be closer to the window. We switched bedrooms since then and the window is at our headboard but we still sleep on the same sides. :-)

  8. I don't like sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. My husband hurt his leg once and we switched sides so it would be on the "outside" of the bed. Within an hour, he said, forget hurting my leg... and we switched back :)

    Stopping by from the Meet Me Mondays blog hop.

  9. Such a cheery, adorable outfit!! You're so gorgeous!
    Haha, this post made me really smile. =) I still sleep by myself so I don't have the wrong side of the bed problem.

  10. You couldn't look any more spring-ready. So pretty, youthful without being silly, optimistic.
    May not cure whose-side-of-the-bed-is-whose, but sure makes the next day feel and look lots brighter. Style as mood elevator!



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