Monday, April 15, 2013

what I wore: & aging


cardi: tjmaxx, tank: nordstrom, jeans: macy's, shoes: toms (same), watch: gifter (similar)  sunnies: juicy couture (brand), earring studs: jcpenny's

So this weekend at the bank I got the sweetest complement, and it's one of those complements that until now, at this age, I would have been appalled at hearing it.  The bank teller asked me my age, I told her and then she told me that I look like I'm eighteen.  I was floored. I wanted to bow down and kiss her feet and say, Eighteen??!! What an angel you are my dear! Okay, maybe that's dramatic, I did respond with an "oh my gosh well you are the sweetest! thank you so much!" response. Maybe she was surprised that I actually wanted to be mistaken for an eighteen year old. 

I know when I was twenty and everyone thought I was sixteen I was so frustrated because people treated me like I was just a kid. when actually I had already been working for four plus years. So, it's funny to think about the reasons why I'm glad the bank teller thought I was eighteen.  I mean, there are days when I wish I didn't have any responsibilities except for school.  Those were the days I tell ya,  The days when you could spend your hard earned money however the heck you wanted, there was hardly any such thing as a bill.  The days when you actually had friends that wanted to hangout with you and spend the weekends shopping or staying up late at night just talking.  Okay, obviously this is making me feel nostalgic. 

It's good to feel young.  You know, to have people think you are young --but not treat you like it. I would truly rather have some think I was younger than older. I guess ever since I turned 24 I've been bummed out about my age. It just seems like there is no way out of this pitiful aging game. When all I want is to stay one age for almost ever, I get a swift kick in the rear every year that says Happy Birthday! You're only getting older and guess what? You still don't have your Bachelor's or children. Ha-Ha-Ha.  Okay, I guess you can see that my age and situations sometimes get me down. And boy, do I sure have a lot to say about my age. 
Either way, it felt good to hear that I still look like I'm eighteen.  It made me feel youthful again.  
Happy Monday! 

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  1. The same thing has happened to me... a lady thought I was a teenager and I just decided to take it as a compliment. You're absolutely right... I remember the days when it was "offensive" when people thought you were younger than you really are!

  2. Haha I get the same thing a lot too...I'm still between loving/hating it - but I know I'll appreciate it later on!

  3. Be careful when you go out in town at night.. they might want to see your ID ;D .. some people stays exactly the same, not a day older and looks like you are one of them!


  4. It's so true! I often miss the carefree days of being a teenager or 20 yr old. I know 24 isn't old but sometimes it feels it. :-)

  5. Because I'm so short I am the same height as all my practicum students. haha. It makes it way hard to be an authority figure, but I also love being small You can't win them all I guess ;)



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