Monday, April 29, 2013

that one time when I was dress coded

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A couple weeks ago we were at my families house talking about school dress codes. 
I think that it's ridiculous that these kids get to wear such provocative clothing to school. 
I mean, do they really think it looks cute?!
--Okay, getting off the soap box

So, we were talking about people getting dress coded how they would have to wear big baggy shirts if they were coded.  
Then my mom says "Yeah, remember that time when Lys got dress coded?"
I sat there so confused because I knew I had never been dress coded at school and I started getting embarrassed. 
Mom finished taking and said "It was up at that church camp thing. Remember?"
Of course I remembered that awkward experience.

So during the summer our church has a program called EFY (Especially For Youth) where a bunch of kids ages 12-18 come for a week, have assigned groups, play, learn and grow. 
At EFY they have a specific dress code that you must abide by, you know modest clothing, no low shirts sleeves must be at least a little bit passed your shoulders, shorts must come to your knees.  
You catch my drift. 

So there was one day where I had on a pink Abercrombie shirt, it looked like this but it was all one color. 
And I looked really cute with my hair curled, I had cute pants on and a really cute undershirt that had rhinestones on it... I just looked cute. 

We were lining up to head out for the day and my group counselor comes up to me and says 
"You might have to change your shirt, it's a little bit low cut." 

My thoughts included: 
First of all, I would never, in a million years even try and look sexy, for real --it's just not my style.
Second, did you not just see the other girl in our group, you say mine is too low cut, but hers isn't??
Third, are you wanting me to change so I don't look cuter than you?
Fourth, I don't have anything that is going to hang out of my shirt, I'm 17 and am shaped like a boy. 
It was such an awkward experience because I felt like everyone was staring at me while she was calling me out.   

We sat there for a little bit, I said something, but I don't remember what, and she didn't make me change. Yet. 

We head out to meet up with the boys in our group to do our morning discussion.  
Once we split off into our groups my counselor comes up to me and says "Okay, I've decided that you are going to have to change." 
So we get up, mind you everyone in the group is there even the boys, and she escorts me back to my room to change!
As soon as I come back everyone surrounds me like I was just escorted back from the principals office or something.  
I tell them what happened, they get confused, I brush it off and that was it. 
That one time I got dress coded. 



  1. Oh man, that happened to me at EFY once too. I had a skirt that was right in the middle of my knee, I looked super cute, it was for the final banquet and I loved it!! But when we walked into the dance, the wind blew and it blew my skirt a little bit and it raised to the top of my knee and the lady told me that I could either safety pin napkins around the bottom or go change my skirt, so my counselor and I had to go all the way back to the dorms for me to change my skirt into something not as cute. We were both a little annoyed about it.


  2. Ha! That's funny... the only time I was dress coded it was because my shorts were an inch above dress code... NOWHERE near booty shorts or anything, but I'm a tall girl and they were a tad shorter than they were supposed to be... so silly. Especially now, seeing what some kids wear to school...yikes!
    p.s. love this outfit on you! the color combo is so sophisticated and fun! ♥

  3. Oh my word, how embarrasing!!! I wouldn't know what to do if I got dress coded! I'd die of mortification!!

  4. Oh no!! That's awful. I've been dress coded a time or two, also. I went to a really conservative Christian college.. Pensacola Christian College.... and I always felt the same way. Like they were just picking on me because I was wearing a cute top or something! lol

    I love the mustard and red together!

  5. What a fun super fun outfit! I love those pants! I found you through Plane Pretty's link up :) I'd be thrilled if we followed each other :)

  6. haha love efy and funny memories from those times! love the cute red pants!

  7. I would never thing to pair that yellow with red...but it looks great on you. Found you via Plane Pretty!!


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