Friday, April 05, 2013

my week in pictures

Dear Friday, I'm so glad to see you once again. With your shining face and your bubbly eyes. You greet me with cheer and with hope of a wonderful day!

Happy Friday Friends! 
Three and a half weeks of school left for me, I can't even believe it. 
This semester has flown by! 
It will be so nice to have the summer off of school.. 
Especially since coming August I'll be doing an internship and school and work! 
I'm pretty excited to be done with school next May though!
So excited that when it gets here I'm going to cry because I never thought I would get through it all. 

Anyways, every week I do this post and confess my love for instagram. 
Sometimes I try and be all artsy with my pictures, but then sometimes it just turns out like I tried too hard. 
Either way, I love instagram! 
You can follow me @lyssadawson

^^ Easter Sunday I prepared my mom's famous strawberry dip. It's so addicting that I have to make more already!
^^ This is my newest niece, I made her that crown by the way. What do you think?! I think she looks just like a princess! Don't you just want to pinch those little cheeks of hers?! 
^^ Sometimes it's hard to decide which side of my pillow I like best. My nice friend helped me decide that this is the best side for this time of year because it's the most springy. Of course I agree. (: 
^^ I tell ya, Arizona really has some of the most beautiful sunsets. I love this one because you can see the silhouette of the mountains way off in the north west.  
^^ At the mechanic. It's really hard to find a good one too, thankfully we've had Ivan as our mechanic for over 20 years and we trust him with everything!
Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend! 
As Ellen always says...
"Be kind to one another!"
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  1. those strawberries look delicious! and what a beautiful niece!
    Helene in Between

  2. Those strawberries are so pretty! And I love your niece's little crown, how freaking cute!! That chair of yours is really cool, I love that kind of piece of furniture.

  3. Your niece is so adorable!! And strawberry dip?? Yum!!

  4. Hey there! Stopping by from from the Blog Hop! Just wanted to let you know I am now following all of your social networks and via Bloglovin' & GFC :o) Hope you'll check me out too! You can find me here:

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  5. congrats on your niece! she is beautiful!! those strawberries look so good!



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