Tuesday, April 30, 2013

& it's over as soon as it began

asu downtown campus

This semester of school is just about over. 
Thursday I take my last Final exam and I can't wait to get it done with! 
This semester really flew by, just like all the other ones. 
It seems like I go through the same song and dance when beginning and ending classes, so if you are interested in reading about my past thoughts about school check out these links:
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I think I'm especially excited about the end of this semester because I'm finally entering my Senior year of college. 
It has taken me a long time to finish school. 

Ever since I got married school came second to my work week.  
Not becasue it wasn't a priority, but because we couldn't live on the streets. 
I remember semesters where I worked 40 hour weeks and went to school full time. 
That lasted about a year and a half. 
Then I got burnt out and only took a couple classes. 

When I finally got my Associates degree I was so overwhelmed with joy that I cried. 
Literally, I cried when I got the certificate in the mail. 
It had been such a long experience and I was so happy!
I have a feeling that next year is going to be the same. 

For me August can't come soon enough. 
So much will happen come August. 

I'm excited to start my internship and Senior year of school. 
I'm excited to be done with my bachelors degree and finally have that very expensive piece of paper in my hand.
I'm excited to not be in school anymore. 
(well, until I go back and get my masters)
I'm excited to make more friends in my Senior year too.
But before I get a head of myself I better get to working on my finals! 

August, I'm coming for ya! 


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  1. Congrats on the end of the semester!!! That's always such a good feeling. :-)



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