Tuesday, April 30, 2013

& it's over as soon as it began

asu downtown campus

This semester of school is just about over. 
Thursday I take my last Final exam and I can't wait to get it done with! 
This semester really flew by, just like all the other ones. 
It seems like I go through the same song and dance when beginning and ending classes, so if you are interested in reading about my past thoughts about school check out these links:
August 2012December 2012
January 2013

I think I'm especially excited about the end of this semester because I'm finally entering my Senior year of college. 
It has taken me a long time to finish school. 

Ever since I got married school came second to my work week.  
Not becasue it wasn't a priority, but because we couldn't live on the streets. 
I remember semesters where I worked 40 hour weeks and went to school full time. 
That lasted about a year and a half. 
Then I got burnt out and only took a couple classes. 

When I finally got my Associates degree I was so overwhelmed with joy that I cried. 
Literally, I cried when I got the certificate in the mail. 
It had been such a long experience and I was so happy!
I have a feeling that next year is going to be the same. 

For me August can't come soon enough. 
So much will happen come August. 

I'm excited to start my internship and Senior year of school. 
I'm excited to be done with my bachelors degree and finally have that very expensive piece of paper in my hand.
I'm excited to not be in school anymore. 
(well, until I go back and get my masters)
I'm excited to make more friends in my Senior year too.
But before I get a head of myself I better get to working on my finals! 

August, I'm coming for ya! 


Monday, April 29, 2013

that one time when I was dress coded

 cardi: target, top: ross, skinnies: tjmaxx, flats: TOMS, bracelet: rocky point, Earrings: the limited, purse: gifted

A couple weeks ago we were at my families house talking about school dress codes. 
I think that it's ridiculous that these kids get to wear such provocative clothing to school. 
I mean, do they really think it looks cute?!
--Okay, getting off the soap box

So, we were talking about people getting dress coded how they would have to wear big baggy shirts if they were coded.  
Then my mom says "Yeah, remember that time when Lys got dress coded?"
I sat there so confused because I knew I had never been dress coded at school and I started getting embarrassed. 
Mom finished taking and said "It was up at that church camp thing. Remember?"
Of course I remembered that awkward experience.

So during the summer our church has a program called EFY (Especially For Youth) where a bunch of kids ages 12-18 come for a week, have assigned groups, play, learn and grow. 
At EFY they have a specific dress code that you must abide by, you know modest clothing, no low shirts sleeves must be at least a little bit passed your shoulders, shorts must come to your knees.  
You catch my drift. 

So there was one day where I had on a pink Abercrombie shirt, it looked like this but it was all one color. 
And I looked really cute with my hair curled, I had cute pants on and a really cute undershirt that had rhinestones on it... I just looked cute. 

We were lining up to head out for the day and my group counselor comes up to me and says 
"You might have to change your shirt, it's a little bit low cut." 

My thoughts included: 
First of all, I would never, in a million years even try and look sexy, for real --it's just not my style.
Second, did you not just see the other girl in our group, you say mine is too low cut, but hers isn't??
Third, are you wanting me to change so I don't look cuter than you?
Fourth, I don't have anything that is going to hang out of my shirt, I'm 17 and am shaped like a boy. 
It was such an awkward experience because I felt like everyone was staring at me while she was calling me out.   

We sat there for a little bit, I said something, but I don't remember what, and she didn't make me change. Yet. 

We head out to meet up with the boys in our group to do our morning discussion.  
Once we split off into our groups my counselor comes up to me and says "Okay, I've decided that you are going to have to change." 
So we get up, mind you everyone in the group is there even the boys, and she escorts me back to my room to change!
As soon as I come back everyone surrounds me like I was just escorted back from the principals office or something.  
I tell them what happened, they get confused, I brush it off and that was it. 
That one time I got dress coded. 


Friday, April 26, 2013

National Volunteer Week

photo's courtesy of AHS

Hello my friends and Happy Friday!
This week I've been working on school projects and I now can say all I have to do is take two tests and I'm done with the semester! 
It has been a whirlwind of a week and I've been up till midnight almost every night finishing projects and research papers. 

But, for those of you who don't know this week is National Volunteer Week. 
Brand and I volunteer at the Arizona Humane Society where we help homeless pets find new homes. 
It's such a great opportunity to give back, we really enjoy every minute that we are there! 

A couple weeks back Brand and I were interviewed for National Volunteer Week, and were asked questions about reasons why we volunteer and why we chose AHS. 
We had a fun little photo shoot with a few furry friends from AHS
This week in the Glendale newspaper there was an article written about us! 
It's a pretty fun article if I don't say so myself. 
To read the article head here or here

Hope you have a great Friday! 
I'm back next week with posts galore! (: 


Friday, April 19, 2013

I had good intentions

picture via me

I had good intentions of posting something every day this week. 
But it seems I've run into the end-of-the-semester-itis. 
End-of-the-semester-itis is a formation that happily greats you once you hit the last month of school, 
and it hits you with full force. 
It drags you down to the gulf of misery, while happily singing your least favorite song. 
Yeah, you thought end-of-the-semester-itis was going to be a good thing didn't you?
End-of-the-semester-itis has greated me rather happily this semester with
3 exams
2 discussion boards
1 huge group project
1 process recording/transcribe/review/essay/interview
1 research paper to write before April 30th

Don't forget that I have to squeeze in work and car searching somewhere in there.
But, I'm sure I'll keep my head above the water! 
Happy Weekend Friends! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

awkward and awesome

chambray: f21, skirt: mom, belt: thrifted, shoes: ross, necklace: nana, earrings: the limited (now avail. in gold)

- Hearing my upstairs neighbor pee. I swear, it was the longest pee ever too. Oh, I also heard the toilet lid slam and then I heard a flush...
- Petting a sweet puppy and realizing my "Relief Society" arms are in full swing. (this means my arms are flabby) Yeah, someone needs to start working out her arms. 
- A rather large butt crack sneaking out of the trousers in the front of the classroom. It's only widely seen because the person is getting up oh-so-slowly. I'm pretty sure I heard some snickers from the back of the class regarding this peep show. 
- My phone going off in the middle of class and it's a recording of me talking. Of course I leave the room and pretend like it was someone calling me. 
- Dad: So, Ty got into M.I.T. (he didn't really)
Me: Yeah! That's awesome because I heard mechanics make over 50$ an hour!!
Dad: EDITH!! - he calls me this when I say something a "Blonde" would say. 
So obviously I thought M.I.T. was a mechanic school... maybe you had to be there, but I still haven't lived it down. 

- 4 year old says "When I was a kid I use to think...." Really? So, what are you now?! 
- Same 4 year old talking to his sister saying "Do you remember when we talked about not lying?!" -- and it sounded just the way my mom would say it... I wonder where he learned that. 
- New nieces. Well, one new niece. It's just so great to be able to hold something so fresh from heaven. Such a miracle. 
- Flowers sprouting on the ground throughout the mountain. If people didn't walk on the mountain I think it would turn into one big flower. 
- Laughter that never ends, you know, the kind that if you laughed any harder you might wet your pants. Or how about the laughter where you feel like you can't breathe. Yeah... feels good. 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

praying for Boston

photo taken by me on 4/15/13

Today in class my teacher started off by talking about the events that took place yesterday. 
The class is called Diversity and Oppression, so the current event somewhat fit in with our class objectives. 
Students started talking about what they thought and how the whole thing mad them feel.

One of the girls said that it brought back feeling that she had on 9/11. 
Her uncle was a first-responder and lost his life that day. 
She said it brought back hard feelings, feelings of uneasiness and feelings of  being not secure. 

And I totally got where she was coming from because my feelings were similar. 

But then I remember seeing the video of all the police officers and volunteers helping those in need. 
And I feel like it builds us closer together. 
We find ourselves at the service of our neighbors, making sure they have someone to talk to.
By making sure we are extra kind to the strangers we pass on the street.
When someone else is in trouble it's our natural instinct to help them. 
And when we are kicked down we are actually the strongest. 
To me, that's beautiful. 

"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'" 
- Fred Rogers

Let's be those helpers!


Monday, April 15, 2013

what I wore: & aging


cardi: tjmaxx, tank: nordstrom, jeans: macy's, shoes: toms (same), watch: gifter (similar)  sunnies: juicy couture (brand), earring studs: jcpenny's

So this weekend at the bank I got the sweetest complement, and it's one of those complements that until now, at this age, I would have been appalled at hearing it.  The bank teller asked me my age, I told her and then she told me that I look like I'm eighteen.  I was floored. I wanted to bow down and kiss her feet and say, Eighteen??!! What an angel you are my dear! Okay, maybe that's dramatic, I did respond with an "oh my gosh well you are the sweetest! thank you so much!" response. Maybe she was surprised that I actually wanted to be mistaken for an eighteen year old. 

I know when I was twenty and everyone thought I was sixteen I was so frustrated because people treated me like I was just a kid. when actually I had already been working for four plus years. So, it's funny to think about the reasons why I'm glad the bank teller thought I was eighteen.  I mean, there are days when I wish I didn't have any responsibilities except for school.  Those were the days I tell ya,  The days when you could spend your hard earned money however the heck you wanted, there was hardly any such thing as a bill.  The days when you actually had friends that wanted to hangout with you and spend the weekends shopping or staying up late at night just talking.  Okay, obviously this is making me feel nostalgic. 

It's good to feel young.  You know, to have people think you are young --but not treat you like it. I would truly rather have some think I was younger than older. I guess ever since I turned 24 I've been bummed out about my age. It just seems like there is no way out of this pitiful aging game. When all I want is to stay one age for almost ever, I get a swift kick in the rear every year that says Happy Birthday! You're only getting older and guess what? You still don't have your Bachelor's or children. Ha-Ha-Ha.  Okay, I guess you can see that my age and situations sometimes get me down. And boy, do I sure have a lot to say about my age. 
Either way, it felt good to hear that I still look like I'm eighteen.  It made me feel youthful again.  
Happy Monday! 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

wedding registry disaster

 top: kohls, cardi: mom, skinnies: f21, belt: thrifted, boots: famous footwear, jewlery: juicy (similar), tiffany's (similar) & ElisabethSpace jewlery, sunnies: juicy (brand)

Just last week someone on blog land posted about their wedding registry. 
I couldn't help but remember back to the day almost five years ago when Brand and I registered at Target. 
First of all, Target is one of the best places to register because they seriously have the cutest things!! 
Also, because they have everything.
(Like how cute things are most important to me?!)
Obviously I recommend registering at Target

I will always remember registering for our wedding. 
I remember the way Brand's face lit up while holding the scan gun. 
-- He had to be the one to scan too. Haha!
I think it was almost a game for him. 

I remember picking out things like...
Cookware -measuring cups, pots and pans, 
Cooking Utensils
A toaster
Home decor things - pillows drapes. 
Bed Sheets

There were a few random things Brandon put on our registry like a $5000 flat screen tv. 
But, I felt like I couldn't be mad at him because he was having fun. 
(we did delete the flat screen off the registry, don't worry)

There are a few things that I will always be embarrassed about putting on our registry. 
I don't know why we put it on there, I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time. 
What did we know, we were young. 

Can you guess what we put on the registry?
I don't think it's what you are thinking of, but if you are thinking medicine then you are correct. 
For reals, who does that?!
Who puts medicine on their wedding registry?
We did. 

Target told us that we were the only ones that had ever done that... and now I understand why. 
Because it's kind of dumb and tacky. 
I can make fun of myself now because I clearly wasn't thinking. 
We were thinking that medicine was expensive and that it would be great to get it as a gift. 

Thankfully my mom asked me to take the medicine off the registry...
After she went out and bought all the medicine that we registered for. 
Sure, she looked quite suspicious buying $50 worth of medicine and yes, they did scan her drivers licence. 
I remember thinking that the whole thing wasn't a big deal. 

But, now I understand and am so grateful that that my mom was honest with me. 
So, if you are registering for your wedding anytime soon, DON'T register for medicine. 
Learn from our mistake. 
Just don't do it. 

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

fun foods: strawberry dip

This time of year is so great, flowers are blooming, the weather is almost perfect and many fruits are popping up from the ground. 
I love this time of year because it means that it's strawberry season. 
Which in turn means my mom's famous strawberry dip. 

Ever since I was a little girl my mom has made this strawberry dip, and every time I cannot seem to get enough of it! 
I made it last week for Easter dinner and then the next day I made some for my self because I "didn't get enough" the night before. 
But, that was really just an excuse to make more. 

To create this springy treat all you need is:
Marshmallow Creme (this is found by the marshmallows in the bakery isle) 
Cream Cheese 

First, whip the marshmallow creme, and cream cheese together. 
Second, place the dip in  the container/platter that you wish to serve it in. 
Third, place the dip in the refrigerator for at least five hours before serving and letting it sit out for more than an hour. 
(Usually I make my dip the night before for best results.)

Fourth, take out of the refrigerator and serve.   

 ^^ Unfortunately I didn't have a picture of the pretty platter that I made for Easter dinner, so here is the second best thing. 

Happy eating! 

Monday, April 08, 2013

what I wore: I woke up on the wrong side of the bed... literally

shorts: thrifted (similar) , top: jcpenny's, cardi: nordstrom, flips: payless, watch: gifted (similar) , earrings: ElisabethSpace Jewlery

Do you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
Well, I literally did this morning. 
You see, sometimes Brand does this thing where he lays on my side of the bed and says,
"Oh, I thought it was your turn to sleep out on the couch tonight..."
(he is joking of course)
So in return I try and push him to his side of the bed, it never works but it's worth the effort. 
Can you imagine me trying to push him to his side of the bed? 
It's really comical actually. 

So, last night Brandon pulls the "Oh, I thought it was your turn to sleep out on the couch tonight..." bit. 
And so I decided to lay on his side of the bed instead. 
It definitely was a weird feeling, I felt like his side of the bed was higher than mine and I also felt like it was more comfortable. 
Oh, and his pillow that he bought from the chiropractor... heavenly... before this experiment I had thought it was a waste of money. 

It was a different experience. 
There were a few times when I woke up during the night a little confused because I was in the wrong spot. 
Or there was a time where I thought Brandon was too far on my new side of the bed and squashing me into a little space. But I was the one who was too far over. 
And in the morning when his alarm went off, I thought it was my alarm because it was on my bedside table so I almost got up to turn it off.
I know this is so random, but I thought it was interesting to see the different perspective that laying on the "other side of the bed" gives you. 

If you are laying in bed, on your back what side do you lay on?
I lay on the right side. 
I don't know how this was decided when we got married. 
In fact, I was thinking about it last night and wondered how everyone else decided. 
It's kind of an odd question to ask, but it still got me thinking. 

Thinking about..
How "your side of the bed" was established anyways?
Yeah, it makes for less confusion and less fighting over a specific side of the bed. 

Happy Monday Friends! 

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Sunday, April 07, 2013


Enjoying the great messages from our Latter Day Prophet this morning. 

If you wish to watch with me please do! (: 

You can watch it live HERE

Happy Sunday Friends! 


Friday, April 05, 2013

my week in pictures

Dear Friday, I'm so glad to see you once again. With your shining face and your bubbly eyes. You greet me with cheer and with hope of a wonderful day!

Happy Friday Friends! 
Three and a half weeks of school left for me, I can't even believe it. 
This semester has flown by! 
It will be so nice to have the summer off of school.. 
Especially since coming August I'll be doing an internship and school and work! 
I'm pretty excited to be done with school next May though!
So excited that when it gets here I'm going to cry because I never thought I would get through it all. 

Anyways, every week I do this post and confess my love for instagram. 
Sometimes I try and be all artsy with my pictures, but then sometimes it just turns out like I tried too hard. 
Either way, I love instagram! 
You can follow me @lyssadawson

^^ Easter Sunday I prepared my mom's famous strawberry dip. It's so addicting that I have to make more already!
^^ This is my newest niece, I made her that crown by the way. What do you think?! I think she looks just like a princess! Don't you just want to pinch those little cheeks of hers?! 
^^ Sometimes it's hard to decide which side of my pillow I like best. My nice friend helped me decide that this is the best side for this time of year because it's the most springy. Of course I agree. (: 
^^ I tell ya, Arizona really has some of the most beautiful sunsets. I love this one because you can see the silhouette of the mountains way off in the north west.  
^^ At the mechanic. It's really hard to find a good one too, thankfully we've had Ivan as our mechanic for over 20 years and we trust him with everything!
Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend! 
As Ellen always says...
"Be kind to one another!"
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Thursday, April 04, 2013

awkward & awesome

shirt: hanger love, skinnies: wet seal, shoes: payless, necklace: f21, bracelet: tiffany's, juicy, az humane society. earrings: the limited
- Explaining why I only have x amount of $$ to buy a car to an 8 year old.  And looking only at the cars that we can afford. "You don't want to buy THAT car, do you?!"
- Sitting on the bus and the person behind me starts snoring. Obviously they had a hard night the night before. (also, this is more awkward for them)
- At the school computer lab and my spacebar wasn't working. I literally had to slam it for it to work. Mind you the computer lab is a rather quiet place so you can imagine hearing me SLAM my spacebar.
- Asking people for rides, and to burrow their car.  I think the whole one car situation is getting really old.

- Being the only daughter and only granddaughter. This means that I'm the only one who is allowed to sign my name as "Love, your favorite daughter" or "Love, your favorite granddaughter."
- Remember when I posted a few weeks ago about that girl who was talking bad about me? Well a few weeks before that she was looking at my phone case and told me that it looked like a ballerina slipper, but of course she wasn't complimenting me. And on Tuesday I look at her phone case and it is the same phone case that I have, just a different color! haha! 
- There was a girl sitting across from me in the computer lab and she had her volume turned up ALLLLL the way. So much that I could hear what she was listing to. I like Paramore too, but not enough to kill my ears!!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

positivity: be your self.

I can't tell you how many times I've wished I was someone else. 
And why have I wished I was someone else?

Well, because some people have the nicest clothes.
Some people have great skin. 
Some people have completed their Bachelor's Degree and are done with college by the age of 22. 
Some people don't have money problems. 
Some people have kids.
Some people are so smart. 
Honestly, the reasons are endless. 

But, after I let myself sulk in self pity I start to think about the thing(s) they have that I wouldn't want to deal with. 
I mean, lets be real. 
No one has a perfect life, no matter how much of a front they put on. 

I think at times blogging can be hard too. 
So many people compare themselves with other blogs. 
They wished they had as many followers as the "big blogs" do. 
They wished they had the life just like those "big bloggers". 
When the fact is, people only show you what they want you to see. 

So, if they want you to see their life as one big Anthropology magazine, 
that's what you are going to get. 
And that's just the way it is. 

Sometimes it's hard to understand the blogging world and it can be tough not to compare your self at times. 
(Especially when you are having a REALLY bad day). 
I'm grateful for blogging. 
For all the new friends I've made and for all the support you guys show me. 
I am so grateful for the comments you leave me. 
They let me know that I'm not alone and that you really care! 



Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 01, 2013

what I wore: friends and bullying


shirt: thrifted (the limited), jeans: kohls, shoes: famous footwear, earrings: the limited, necklace: nana, bracelet: az humane society

*This is not a pity party, this is me talking real, because real things happen*

I've never been one who has had a lot of friends. 
In fact, in high school I didn't really have a specific group of friends that I hung out with. 
I was more of the floater friend. 
Lets call it an acquaintance. 
I was friendly with everyone, but I was never really included in "group things".

There was one specific time when I was younger, about 12, I had just moved to a different house so everything was different for me. 
I was in a new school, church, and neighborhood. 
I didn't know anyone. 

There was a time when I was invited over to a friends house for a sleepover. 
During the sleep over the girls were being so nice to me and talking to me and including me in everything. 
It was so nice! 

The next day at church I went up to the girls to talk to them and they completely ignored me. 
I thought it seemed weird so I talked to the girl who I was closer with to ask her what was going on.
She told me that the girls weren't being my friends, they were making fun of me and being sarcastic about being my friend. 

My heart sunk. 

I never had been a receiver of bullying, 
(well there was a time in kindergarten where a boy pulled a chair out from under me as I was sitting down.)
but I knew it was real. 

These girls were the true mean girls.
This is where the 12 year old me started questioning things. 
In my old ward the girls were so nice, they included me in everything so it was surprising to me that church girls could be so mean. 

To this day I don't talk to those girls, I don't know where they are, but I know that they continued to be bullies.

I write this post because 
bullying is real. 
It's out there and so many people are victims of it. 

It makes me sad to see children commit suicide because they are always teased. 
If only they had a friend who really cared and treated them the way they should be treated. 

More stories on bullying later, trust me, this was only the beginning for me. 
Have you ever stood up for someone who was bullied?

Were you bullied when you were younger?

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