Monday, March 18, 2013

what I wore: a real life story

tee: target ($5), card: mom, Jeand: macy's, shoes: TOMS, earrings: the limited, bracelets: juicy couture & tiffany's  

Sometimes I feel like I complain too much on this blog.  But then I get to thinking that it's more of me telling you about how real life is. Trust me, I'm not puttin' up an act and pretending that life is perfect.  The fact is, it's not.  There are so many times where I look at other bloggers and think. "Their life is such a fairy tale!", But then I think, "well maybe they are just putting all the good things on their blog so that everyone thinks they are perfect."  I can't seem to take interest in blogs like because it just gets me down. 
I hope not to be a downer all the time, but I really want everyone to know that my life is not perfects. 

This is real. 
Real Life: Alyssa Dawson

Let's take this weekend for example. 
Saturday morning we started rechecking craigslist for "previously owned" cars.
I say rechecking because it has been our daily, if not hourly routine. It has now become religious. 
So we find some cars on craigslist that we really like and we start calling. 
"Hi, I'm calling about the car you have for sale on Craigslist and I was wondering if it was still available."
"Nope, sorry just sold an hour ago."
"Nope, sorry sold it last night."
"Well, people are looking at it right now you can call back in a while but they seem really interested."
It seemed anthem of the morning. 

We found a car that "would work", honestly I wasn't too thrilled about it. 
So we went to get money out of our account. 
The car we were going to look at was way above our price range and after we took the money out of the account we seemed to take a step back and think about how desperate we were and how much money we really wanted to spend. 
We talked about calling the guy and telling him that we weren't going to be able to go checkout the car because it was over our price range. 
So Brand called the guy, told him the news and we went home. 

Back to the drawling board. 

As soon as we got inside the apartment I started balling. 
Balling just like I did when I saw my girlee for the last time, balling like I did when I got fired from my job. 
I was so stressed and frustrated with the entire situation, I couldn't take it anymore. 
I just let it all out. 
I wished that the situation was different. 
That the guy who hit our car would have been paying attention. 
This whole mess wouldn't be a problem. 
I wanted my girlee back. 

We ended car shopping on Craigslist for the next five hours with that note.
But then after lunch we headed out to car dealerships with more negative feedback and what felt like a waisted day. 

Sometimes I ask myself why this only happens to us. 
I feel like Brand and I have gone through so much at such a young age. 
When others that we know have had it so cushy. 
And thaaaaat's where my comparing come into play. 
I know it's wrong, but it's so hard not to do. 

I know that there is a plan for this life.
I know He has a purpose for everything that happens to us while we are here on earth.
I know that somehow we will get through this huge tangle with His help. 
I know that these trials test our faith, hardcore. 
But, I'm grateful to be so strong because of them.  

I hope you all had a better weekend then I did. 
Happy Monday!! 

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  1. I'd rather read real life posts any day :) Hope you're having a better day and things turn up for you soon!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I'd rather read real life posts any day :) Hope you're having a better day and things turn up for you soon!

  4. I remember when I drove to UT from AZ to visit my boyfriend (now husband) and my car decided to quit working and it was more to repair the car than to just buy another one pretty much. We looked and looked, craigslist, car lots, KSL classifieds, it was so super stressful, I had to stay in UT a few extra days , luckily I had brought my work with me. A few close calls with cars I almost bought but finally we found one, bf went to test drive it, bought it, I had only even see a picture. I hope the right car turns up for you asap!

  5. Oh sweety! I'm so sorry your weekend was so rough. I'm sure the perfect car for you is out there but I know how hard it is, feeling as though everyone else has got it all together.

  6. You look darling! Love the shoes and neon shirt :)

  7. Hi Alyssa! Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment. Following you now :)


  8. Oh... I am so sorry that things are not working out for you! Just put your faith in HIM (like I am sure you are doing) and things will work out!

    Just so you know... I have you in my prayers!

    Xo Lourdes

  9. Oh, Craigslist searching is the worst :( Hope your week is looking up... the weekend is just around the corner, wahoo! And ps- I just read your post about your girlee... so sad :( truly as beautiful an ode to ones car as I could've ever imagined. A big virtual hug to you! xoxo



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