Monday, March 11, 2013

what I wore: possibly the last cool weekend of the spring

button up: jcrew. sweater/shoes: target, jeans: f21, bracelet: last chance, earrings: ElisabethSpace, braid elastic: me
In Arizona at this time of year the weather starts to change, 
and the days slowly get longer. 

I know the days are slowly getting longer because I've been having to use the car visor and put on my sunglasses as I drive home. 
The sun is staying up longer.

I know the days are slowly getting longer because those sunsets have been getting more beautiful by the day. 
I think that Arizona summer sunsets are the most beautiful, and seriously - we need something beautiful here in the summer when we live through 115 degree days. 

I know the days are slowly getting longer because I've been waking up earlier. 
I wake up when the sunrises. 
Right when that sunbeam hits my window my body knows it's time to wake up.
I think my body has been this way ever since I started working early mornings, there is somethings about your body getting used to a routine done for four years, it just doesn't know how to quit. 
(we live on the west facing apartment so it's not as early as you might think) 

I know the days are getting longer because the sun feels so warm on my skin.
It was so nice out this weekend, especially when you stood out in the sun, away from the shadows and felt that cool breeze. 
We also got some pretty good rain this weekend, I love the smell of rain!

I  know the days are getting longer because this week we are reaching 90 degree temperatures. 
You could say we might be experiencing our last few days of spring and will soon be welcomed by the heat of summer. 

I don't mind though. 
Enjoy it while it lasts, right??

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  1. You look so cute! I love all the patterns!

  2. I am going to need some guidance on how to deal with the summer temps!

    Hopefully I survive.


    PS... Arizona is so beautiful. I am loving it here!

  3. Love the outfit :) Especially the shoes. Super cute. Just found your blog through the Stichin' Mommy.

  4. Hi! I found you from the blog hop and glad I did! Looking forward to reading through your blog!

  5. Cute! I love this sweater, the color is perfect for mixing with that blue gingham! And I love how you belted it :)
    Visiting from WIWW!

  6. You look so cute!!

    xo, Jessica

  7. So cute! I have similar piece but hadn't thought of putting a gingham under that sweater, love it!

  8. You look so cute - I love this outfit, Alyssa! I wish my body would just wake up when the sun rose - that would make my mornings a lot easier!

  9. 115 degree days are the worst. It seems like everyone is so excited for the warm front, but I'm not; to me it means just one thing: 100 degree dog days are just around the corner. Sigh. Anyway, I love the gingham and stripes paired together :)

  10. Oh my goodness, I love this! I have a similar camel stripe sweater and I'm going to have to layer it over a gingham shirt now :)

  11. just found your blog via WIWW...i am an MSW and an Office-lover, too! happy to be your newest follower :)

    Hello, Libby Dear

  12. You look LOVELY! I love the braid, too, for some reason I can never pull those off!

    <3 Daryl
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  13. This is so cute! I certainly HOPE it's the last cool weekend of spring! I'm so ready for some warm weather!

  14. i LOVE the combo of the shirt and sweater. super cute!

  15. I just moved to Arizona about a month ago! I'm enjoying this weather so much right now. Not looking forward to the summer! :)
    Love your blog! Just fround you via the Awesome Blog Hop!



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