Friday, March 01, 2013

my week in pictures

Happy Friday! And Happy March!
I know everyone is saying it, but can you seriously believe it's March?
Well, it makes me happy, that's for sure.

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^^ my trusty side-kick for 8 years was totaled yesterday. Really gonna miss this Girlee. ): 
(fyi- the accident wasn't our falt) 
 ^^ This sweet boy got adopted last weekend! 
For those who don't know Brand and I volunteer at the Arizona Humane Society and we do dog adoptions! 
 ^^ A little piece of history for you, ASU was around before Arizona became a state. (: 
^^ Took this little man to the Humane Society this week, he said he liked the little dogs. (: 
^^ These two lovely people are my parents. They had their 25th wedding anniversary this week, this is actually a picture from their senior prom. (My mom is gonna kill me, but I think she looks so pretty in this picture! And of course, my dad is as handsome as ever!) 

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  1. The car accident picture made me so nervous when I saw it on Instagram last night. I hope you are OK!

    XO Lourdes

  2. WOW..I am glad you are okay! That is awesome you help at the humane society!

  3. Love the picture of your parents. Such a nice memory to have.



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