Friday, March 22, 2013

my week in pictures: just being grateful

Ahh! Seriously, a whole week gone by and I've only blogged once? 
Obviously there is something wrong with this picture. 
Guys, I've had one pretty stinky week. 

As you know a couple weeks ago, February 28th to be exact, our car was totaled. 
If you aren't familiar with this huge travesty, literally -my mind and emotions have been running in all kinds of directions since, you can read these blog posts.. one & two & three and they will fill you in.
Okay, so we made it through this week of us both having school and work, well Brand didn't go to class because we literally couldn't make that work, but everything else was made possible all thanks our family!

They picked me up from school, 
took me around to look for khaki that I need for my volunteer event this weekend, took me to work, and got me a hair cut. 
Moffered to take me down to school and took us to pick up the "rental" car. 
(Thanks Uncle M and Aunt S!) 
And all the while everyone keep saying, "don't worry about it, you'll find a car, and you aren't putting us out."

I'm so grateful for them! 

Another tid bit about this week, so our car that is newer/the one that didn't get totaled, had a little issue this week. 
Brand and I were driving around the world, okay city - I've been a little dramatic lately with this whole situation, and we put our car in drive and heard this big knocking noise. 
I look at Brand and say, "What the crap? Is that our transmission going bad?" 
So, long story short he looks in the warranty manual and sees that we are 150 miles away from having our car be "out of warranty" so we schedule an appointment to take it to the dealer so they can check and see if it is our transmission. 
And because we were only 150 miles away from being out of warranty that meant for the rest of the week we couldn't drive it, so now we were down to zero cars! 
And that's where Uncle Mark and Aunt Stacy so sweetly let us barrow their car. 
So now we are back to one. 

We've looked at a couple cars and have taken them to our mechanic so he can check them out, but none of them have worked out. 
So, we keep on plugging away. 
I'm still the number one searcher on Craigslist (or so I think) and I'm pretty sure we've called about every car listed in the Honda section. 

But for now I'm just grateful for our family members who have helped us so much! 
We couldn't get anything done these past few weeks without you! 

I'm also grateful for all your support and prayers! 
I haven't been good at responding to comments this week, just because of everything that is going on, but I promise I will try and respond this weekend! (: 
Hope you all had a good week and that you have a better weekend! 

^^ In the midst of our car shopping we went to Grimaldi's with my family. Pretty yummy!
^^ On Tuesday my first class got canceled, but I was already on my way to school when I got the email. So I spent an hour and a half doing nothing in the library. 
^^ Saturday night we went to the 99 cent store and bought some snacks that we thought would cheer us up. I think I've gained 5 pounds in the last three weeks from the stress of this situation. 
^^ But, I can't complain because yesterday I got to be on pets on parade again.  I really love being around these people and animals! It was the highlight of my week!



  1. I love that you are still looking for the blessings even in hard circumstances!

  2. The situation stinks! I hate when I have car trouble. It always ends up being expensive :(

    At least it's almost the weekend.!
    XO Lourdes

  3. Oh wow, that is so awesome that your family was able to step up and help when you needed them! I had a similar experience lately, though not nearly on the same level. We were on a roadtrip when the transmission went out on our borrowed car while we were in downtown Chicago. It took the help and teamwork of relatives in several states to get both us and the car (on a flatbed truck) back home, and it was such a blessing!
    I hope you guys are able to resolve the situation quickly!

  4. Darn cars! Haha! Hope this coming week is better!

  5. I'm sorry things aren't going the way you guys had hoped. You're so blessed to have family around that is helping you right now. :-)

  6. So sorry about your car :( Fist pumps for awesome family! Love how you found the blessings in a bad situation! You are awesome for linkin up to my Sunday FUNday party :) Thank you!

    Kristine -The Foley Fam {unedited}



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