Thursday, March 07, 2013

if walls could talk

if walls could talk they would tell you what I am currently doing. 

watching: The Office. Honestly though, when am I NOT watching The Office?  My husband and I watch The Office so much that when one of us says one line the other already knows who said it and what the scenario was. We were kind of made for eachother. 

listening: Mumford and Sons - Lover of Light. Have you seen the music video? I linked it for your viewing pleasure.  I think I understand the meaning of it, but some part of me feels like there is a much deeper meaning that I'm not able to grasp.  Let me know your thoughts. 

reading: a homework assignment, it's due at 10p, I'll finish it with seconds to spare, don't you worry.  I'm very good under pressure with homework, for realso though, I can't seem to work on assignemtns before, I just find other things to do. 

searching: the arizona humane society website looking at all the cute animals, I think a lot of their page views come from me. #overobsessed.  But, I don't think you can blame me becasue those puppies are oh so cute and I love looking at their pictures. 

wanting: my car back. I swear, this whole experience is really stressful. Last time around it was real quick and we had no problems. But I won't bore you with the details. 

eating: as of right now I'm not eaing anything, for dinner we had pizza though, it seems to be our thursday night tradition. I think the main reason for this is because we are out of left overs from the weekend and are too lazy to actually make something. 

looking forward to: Spring Break!! Well, spring break for school anyways.  Seriously though, I'm so glad to not have to go to school next week. I definitely need a week of self care!  

starting: I started working out.  Well, I'm watching this youtube video and I really like that  my legs are getting sore.  When they are sore that means it's working! 
What are you doing?

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