Thursday, March 28, 2013

I love how

via me, with no filter.
I love how cool it had been this week. 
I love how I've recently developed an obsession with hiking.
I love how I can hear the wings of a bird swishing together as I stand on top of a mountain. 
I love how these Arizona sunsets never seize to amaze me.

I love how rocks crumple beneath my shoes. 
I love how beautiful the mountains are this time of year, so green and leafy.
I love how the air smells this time of year, maybe it's the orange citrus blooming. 
I love how the sound of rushing cars can start to sound like roaring waves when you get used to it. 

I love how the sand feels beneath my toes. 
I love how the ocean water is best to swim in during the month of June. Just-the-right-temperature.
I love how some dogs walk neatly in the sand as to not ruin their pedicured paws. 

I love how a shy dog feels comfortable coming up to me and letting me pet it. 
I love how puppy breath smells.
I love how "aware of the senses" dogs are. 
I love how dogs are man's best friend. 

I love how wonderful the world seems when I get to just sit and think about it. 


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