Tuesday, March 05, 2013

date nights are important!

Today I have the sweetest guest post for you. 
Elisabeth, from The Bradleys,  is here to remind us of the importance of date night. 
Right now Brand an I don't have kids, so we don't have to worry about finding a sitter. 
But, that doesn't mean that it's not hard to remember to do date night, especially when you have a busy schedule. 

The past few weeks, my Mom has been visiting us from the States. Usually she likes to rent her own place and treats the visit as also a vacation ( and we then go to her hotel's pool everyday....) but thankfully she stayed with us this time. Not only has it been nice to see her, and to have her play with Kaya, but it's also given my husband and I time to ourselves.

We realized in late 2012 just how important date nights are!! Having had no one to babysit, and with Billy working long hours before we moved, we totally fell behind in dating. As in years behind. Then it hit us how hey, we can do date nights at home when the little one is asleep which is probably pretty obvious to most people but we didn't think about it until my Mom arrived.

Just spending time alone with my husband, not discussing our new businesses or anything and actually talking about life and our goals means the world to us, and having had the last few weeks to go out and grab a coffee or tea with him has healed many things for us, as simplistic as it may be.

Parents frequently get overwhelmed with the stress of day to day life, and I firmly believe that this is why most marriages fail.  It's integral that our society pays more attention to the things that matter most, even if it means downsizing, budgeting, or changing our routine to accommodate more one on one time. Reality TV doesn't matter, neither do celebrity gossip mags or obsessing with our lack. Focusing on whom we love and giving them more time and attention does matter. We are hoping to dedicate this year to realigning our focus and time with our beliefs in the importance of marriage and family.

I love this because I know it's true.  
It's so important to develop strong relationships with our family members, and to gain that trusting bond. 
Because if there comes a day where we loose all our possessions no matter what, we will always have family to help hold us up. 

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  1. LOVE these photos!

    Visiting from the GFC blog hop. Now following via GFC and Twitter. Thanks so much!


  2. This is so true! My hubby and my relationship definitely grows more strained if we haven't dated in a while... and we don't even have kids yet! That's something we're going to have to make sure happens when we do have little ones. :-)



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