Thursday, March 14, 2013

awkward and awesome

shirt: target (old), vest: thrifted, jeans: f21, shoes: toms, earrings: the limited, accessories: I forgot them on my dresser!! 

- Sitting in the computer lab and the guy next to me is obviously having really bad allergies because he keeps sucking up his his boogers. And then to top that he starts hawking a loogie. I logged off my computer and went to class, at that point I didn't care if I was 30 minutes early. 
- Brand was at the radiologist getting x-rays for his back and had to wear one of those skimpy hospital gowns.  The lady doing the x-rays kept telling him how cute he was and started to tie his gown for him.  Then she started touching his body and moving him in specific ways saying that she was "doing it because the machine is very specific".  All the while her breath smelt like alcohol.  Haha. Poor Brand! 
- Getting chocolate on the inside of my pant leg, trying to clean it off and just turning it into a bigger mess.  No-big-deal I'll just look like I pooped my pants for the rest of the day. 

- Sitting in the computer lab, someone looks at me, says "Marissa!!!" I turned to look at her, she saw my face and then pretended like it didn't happen! Just shake it off girl! haha. 
- Babysitting and the boys are playing army guys.  It's obvious that they are in a heated battle so they point at me and yell "GET THE OGRE!!!!" 
- When you open your freezer and see the Wendy's frosty you put in there the night before. 
- Reading a facebook article about my grandpa and seeing the sweet comments people wrote about him. 
- 96 days until my brother comes home.  I seriously can't believe how close this is getting! 
- Hanging out with old friends and acting like nothing has changed, because nothing really has.  These kinds of friends are really the best, I can totally be my self around them and they love me for who I am. 


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  1. Love this look casual and so cute!

  2. I hate when people sniff up their boogers. It's pretty much my least favorite thing!

  3. the awkward guy next to you... thats so gross! i so would have left lol!!
    And the chocolate down you? yeehh i do that all the time and have banned myself from white jeans because of this fact lol!
    Stopping in from the blog hop! Have a great weekend! xxx



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