Friday, March 15, 2013

5 fun facts

<< 1. >>
I taught my self how to swim.  When I was younger my nana had a swimming pool where all the cousins would spend the hot summer days.  At the time, I was about six and had to swim with floaties while my older cousins didn't.  Of course I wanted to be cool like them and learn how to swim without floaties so I tried it.  I don't remember how I did it or what six year old "techniques" I used, I just know that I did it! 

<< 2. >>
I like having a clutter free clean home.  I cannot get my homework done or relax and watch a movie until my apartment is cleaned.  By cleaned I mean laundry done, bed made, everything put away, and vacuumed. I think I get it from my mom. (This doesn't mean that my house is always clean though.) 

<< 3. >>
I've had a motherly instinct as long as I can remember.  When I was three my first brother was born and when I was six my youngest brother was born. Sometimes my mom tells me stories about how big of a helper I was with my brothers. 

<< 4. >>
I hate my toes. When I was younger I would curl up my toes so that no one would see them.  In fact I curled them so much that they and now somewhat curled.  They aren't flat like they are supposed to be. 

<< 5. >> 
I drink lots of water and have for the past two years.  It started after I had a rather large weight gain episode from drinking soda, my drink of choice? Coke.  I would have on in the morning and maybe on in the afternoon. But, as soon as I noticed those extra pounds I quit cold-turkey. 

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  1. I have always hated my toes too...and well, toes in general. They are just weird. I make a conscious effort not to drink sodas either and mostly on water. You know, when you drink a soda it dehydrates you and you should actually drink TWICE as much water?! Crazy!

  2. That's awesome that you taught yourself how to swim! I took swim lessons for a little bit but learned to dive before I learned how to swim so I would just dog paddle to the side, ha. Also, you probably hate our home cause it's cluttered, haha. And I hate my toes too. BUT! Your toes are cute and there's nothing wrong!! :)

    Thanks for linking up last week!! :) It's fun reading your facts!



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