Monday, January 28, 2013

what I wore: manic music monday

If you follow me on instagram you will know that Brand and I participated in The Color Run this weekend! It was lots of fun and what made it even more fun was that it was poring rain! Sure I was freezing to the point where I couldn't feel my arms, but a little bit of jogging fixed that right up. The whole thing was super fun, I don't think another color run would be as fun without some rain.  
After our fun color run, or as my SIL called it the "watercolor" run - she is quite creative, it felt like the day had just begun! We got the best hot chocolate at QT some snacks and headed home.  It was still raining outside so of course we hung out in our pjs all afternoon watching movies and catching up on some catfish.  I can't remember the last time Brand and I just got to sit around and just be together, there is something just oh so sweet and simple about that. 
So today I'm bragging about the awesome weekend we had and despising that it's Monday.  This time around I really don't like Monday. How do I rewind time and freeze it??
Coming up this week: 
How to prepare for The Color Run
How to keep the color in your color run shirt. 
How was your weekend? 
What songs remind you of the fun times you've had?
Here are my weekend songs: 
Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson on Grooveshark
Catch my Breath
All Alone
Even If It Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band on Grooveshark
Even if it Breaks Your Heart
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  1. That looks like so much fun. I really want to do one of these!

  2. Hey fabulous! I did the color run this weekend as well (in the rain) and it was a blast of a time! I did a post on it as well. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Which leg did you do? We ran in the 845 wave.

  3. Oh nice! High five! :) I wish I could do a Color Run soon! :)


  4. Yea for the color run! I did out last year and it was so much fun!

  5. Looks like it was a great time! Also, Catfish is hilarious!

  6. I was there too this past weekend! It was fun! Shame how many people let the rain stop them, because I still thought it was super fun!



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