Monday, January 14, 2013

what I wore: Manic Music Monday

top: down east basics, scarf: LL Scarves, jeans: f21, boots: famous footwear
Happy Monday! We had a good weekend over here, we were quite busy actually. It was the fun kind of busy, you know? For example Brand and I got this new end table and I've been looking for something specific to put on it as decoration.  Well, we end up going to Home Goods and found the perfect things and the best part is that everything there is so super inexpensive! I just love it! Then we had other errands to run and I had a few more places I wanted to go. 
The whole day got me to thinking about how awesome Brand is. He drove me to all the places I wanted to go when he would have had more fun just hanging out at home. He drove me to: drop off a cowl that someone ordered, see the Phoenix temple in the making, a thrift store, Joann's, Home Goods, and so many more places.  I'm so glad that I have him to share these weekends with and I'm so glad that he doesn't mind being my shofer and going to random places with me.  
So, that's my Monday, I'm bragging about my husband! (: 
I also want to tell you that last week I started my spring semester and I felt very relieved when going through my syllabi and finding that there aren't really THAT many projects or tests to do! But, at the same time it makes me nervous too because maybe I missed something? Should I be worried?!
I Will Wait
Ho Hey
There is this new song called "Thrift Shop" I think some of the parts are funny, but I didn't want to put the song on here because some of the words aren't appropriate. But, whenever I hear that song it makes me want to go to a thrift store! For reals!   

Hope you have a great Monday!


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  1. Husbands are great like that! What a great guy!

  2. What a sweet hubs! And your adorable as always! :)

  3. Awww... That's so great of your hubby! Mine did the same for me this weekend. We went to Ross, Target, Walmart, and grocery shopping all because he wanted to hang out with me! :-)

  4. 1. Your hubs is awesome. 2. love the outfit. 3. I am jealous of how awesome your hair looks!

  5. yay for wonderful husbands! and i love that top on you - so cute Alyssa!


  6. It's nice to know there are wonderful husbands out there joining the awesome hubs club! Cute outfit! Love it!
    XO Brooke

  7. Hi Alyssa! I just had to comment on your post since we share the same name, and we posted right next to each other on Pleated Poppy!!

    AND because my husband teaches at ASU! LOL too funny.


  8. Love your outfit, looks cute & comfy! & your husband sounds like a trooper! Mine has many amazing qualities, not sure that would have been one! Unless, of course, I bribe him with food! :)

  9. just discovered your blog through the pleated poppy and would love to follow each other! xo

  10. Those boots are perfect! Sounds like you've got a great catch! I love those moments when we're reminded of how special the guys in our lives are! :) Found you via the Copy Cat Closet linkup.
    Nikki at

  11. What a gorgeous scarf! I love how you paired it with that pink sweater! :) I am stopping by from the blog hop, love your blog girly!

  12. Hi, Alyssa! I saw your blog on Plane Pretty's link up. Happy Sunday...and Monday! It'll be Monday by the time you read this.

    More Modern Modesty

  13. I had this post saved on my Bloglovin for a while. I saved it because I wanted to say that I absolutely love these songs and I wanted to thank you for posting them :)

    Xo Lourdes



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