Wednesday, January 23, 2013

if I were a boy

Kay, so I totally thought this was going to be lots of fun Erin from Living in Yellow and Gay from A Girl named Gay are doing this super cool link-up.  Now mine is not going to be as funny as theirs, but I'm trying! 

First, lets get this straight I'd be tall dark and handsome, by dark I mean my tan would be there, but it wouldn't be over the top. I'd have the best skin I mean it would be totally flawless and I'd have great hair.  Just picture your male crush, I'd be him, although I wouldn't be looking for love because I'm married.  

If I were a boy, I'd wake up ten minutes before I had to leave for work, casually find some clothes, run my fingers through my hair, --running my fingers through my hair would be enough "combing" for me, I'd grab some grub --because that's what I would call it, find my most comfortable pair of shoes and walk slowly to my car. 
If I were a boy I'd bring home "Friday Presents" nothing too dramatic, just small things to let her know I loved her. 

If I were a boy I'd wear the same thing every day and still manage to look and feel attractive.  I would rotate between my favorite pair of comfy pants, that look like I belong on a beach, and a pair of jeans that are starting to get a hole in them.  Every now and again I would switch up the shirt I wore, only because I don't want to smell like a bum. I would ignore the pile of dirty laundry building up on my side of the bed, because sooner or later my wife would clean it up. 

If I were a boy I'd wear a hat all the time and when I took my hat off, my hair would still look great.

If I were a boy I'd know all the right words to say. I wouldn't go a day without saying "you're beautiful" or "I love you".

If I were a boy I'd complete my honey-do list before being asked and enjoy each and every task. 


  1. I think yours was just as good as Erin over at Living in Yellow! Love this link up -- too funny!

  2. You would be a great boy!!! I need my man to remember these....may forward this post to him...



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