Thursday, January 24, 2013

awkward and awesome

 sweatshirt: circa 1985, shirt: A&F '06, shoes: target, earrings: the limited
- Walking into the bathroom at school and I see the bathroom stall door is laying on the floor.  I start to worry and look around the bathroom as if there would be some freak in there just tearing down the stall doors.  I don't see anyone and then another girl comes in, she looks at me and says "is everything okay?" "oh, it was like this when I got here and I don't know what happened." -- Did she think I took that door off the stall? Dude, I can hardly pick up a 20 pound child. 
- Elevator silence, what kind of conversation are you supposed to have in a 20 second elevator ride? I mean it's awkward so it feels like you are supposed to say something, but I never know what to say!
- When you know you put on deodorant but feel like you still can smell something b-o-ish and try and smell yourself to see if it's you or not. I mean obviously you can't just lift your arm and smell your arm pit, I don't think that's even socially acceptable in Europe.
- When someone is obviously fishing for a complement.   

- This sweatshirt, I would like to thank my mom for saving this wonderful dig.  Now I don't have to pay up the bum to buy one (;
- Waking up on Sunday, Brand's side of the bed is really warm and I tell him "Wow Brand, your side of the bed is really warm!" he quickly responds with "Well, that's because I've been fighting bad people in my dreams."
- We are walking out of target and notice this couple who obviously are only there for something specific. As they get closer and closer to the scarves/jewelry/watch/purse section -- you know the part at the front of the store where you can choose to go left, straight or right? The guy is veering left and the girl keeps going straight, next thing we hear is "Pssst, Sarah! NO!" as Sarah lets out her evil laugh.  As a target lover I clearly knew what was going through her mind! 
- Finding a clump of hair in my backpack tightening strap. So that's why it hurt really bad when I tightened my backpacks straps the other day.
- The one day I don't bring a jacket it rains. 
-  Seeing your bus driver give a student a cig. and then see them smoking together before the bus ride. #thatscute


  1. Haha. I love your husband's response! :-)

  2. I completely agree with you when it comes to the elevator silence. It's SOOOOO awkward. I always end up doing something goofy or stupid and making myself look like an idiot.

    Oh and the same happened to me with the rain. I was told that it hardly ever rains in AZ. I have been here for less than a week and what happens? I wake up to trickling outside. I love it! (I miss the Florida rain alot!)

    xo Lourdes



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