Thursday, January 03, 2013

awkward and awesome

shirt: A&E (old), jeans: f21, boots: famous footwear, beanie: me

- A sick voice and having to talk on the phone.  "Hi advising office, yes my name is Alyssa and I sound like a man, I swear I'm sick and that this is not my normal voice!!"
- Trying to talk to the post main today, but not being able to get my words out because I'm hoarse.
- Lady: Hi, I forgot your name who do you belong to? Me: Uhhhhh. *walks away
- Being hit on by some creeps, why is it that after these things happen you come up with cleaver lines to come back with?
- Brand standing in line to fill up his drink and someone just cuts right in front of him... what the heck?

- Not having to work or go to school for the past two weeks. It's simply heavenly
- Spending my birthday at the Humane Society and adopting out 5 dogs!
- Finishing up my crochet projects while being sick, I think this is the only good thing about being sick.
- Getting 'thank you' gifts, some people are just so nice!!
- Snap Chat, I could snap for hours!
- Warm blankets PERIOD

Happy Friday Eve!!


  1. lovely outfit! also thanks for linking up to thrifty thursdays! it actually wasn't working correctly earlier so i had to do a new link up.. would you mind resubmitting yours? so sorry!!


  2. Ha ha oh that awkward sick voice! Totally feel ya. I've actually had people tell me I sound better with a deep, gravelly voice - nice. Crocheting sounds fun and working at the Humane Society for your birthday is awesome!

  3. Love that bright blue on you - so fun! And not going to work for almost 2 weeks was pretty awesome for me too :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. I LOVE those boots! SO in love!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Hey, new follower from the GFC Blog Hop. Cute outfit! I love that beanie. :)




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