Thursday, January 31, 2013

I love how

I love how pedestrians don't pay attention to the world around them. They walk across the street like there are no cars around, but they never even looked for them.

I love how commercials that tell side affects, are used with a calm voice. "Do not use when depressed, depression maybe become worse and thought of suicide have increase. Also, do not use when you have less than 4 hours left of sleep driving while on this medication may cause you to fall asleep at the wheel and die in a fiery car crash."

I love how people say they don't like attention, but it's obvious they do because they are constantly posting controversial things just to get a rise out of people.

I love how Hollywood can't come up with new movie ideas so they start re-doing old ones.  I guess they are big fans of easy street.

I love how, in my religion, God is the same in every country.

I love how a child's laugh can make me smile.  There is just something about that cheeky little giggle that lights me up.

I love how chocolate has once again become my addiction.  I stopped eating chocolate for a long time, now I can't go a day without eating something chocolaty.

I love how I can just fall asleep when Brand scratches my arm.

I love how this semester in school has been so easy! I really couldn't ask for anything better.

I love how children have no filter.  "Why do you wear those earrings every time you pick me up?" "Do you know your clothes don't match?!"


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to prepare yourself for The Color Run

So this weekend Brand and I participated in The Color Run.  The Color Run is already messy to begin with but to add to the mess it was raining pretty good on the day it took place.  For the most part Brand and I were prepared for what was going to happen, we had towels and newspapers, but there were definitely some things that I wish I would have known to get. So if you are preparing to participate in the color run this preparation guide is for you! 

1. Bring towels, Garbage bags, and newspaper - Thankfully we were prepared in this area.  The towels protected our seats, so they didn't get all colored.  We used garbage bags to put our colored shirts, sweat bands, and shoes in.  Without these I'm pretty sure our car would have been a huge mess.  Lastly the newspaper was used as floor mats and to protect the seat belt from getting colored. 

(yes, there is some dust on my baseboards, lets not all pretend we are perfect now(: )

2. Put a line of news paper between your front door and the bathroom - This was one of the best ideas  that I had.  Although we took off our shoes at the front door our socks were still a little bit wet and they did have some color on them.  I'm very glad I did this because it definitely spared our carpet. 

3. Buy shampoo/body wash from the 99 cent store and don't forget a loofa - If your color run experience is like ours then you will have a lot of color on your body.  We wish we would have thought to buy shampoo and body wash at the 99 cent store instead of having to use our "good stuff".  Thankfully we had a loofa available, it was perfect to get the color off, it worked so well!! 

(this is exactly what we used, and it worked really well!) 

4. Oxi Clean or a good stain remover - If you want to make sure that color gets out of your clothes make sure you buy some oxi clean or a really good stain remover.  We washed our clothes two times and let them soak in the oxi clean/stain remover for a little bit. This seemed to work for us and it got out all the color in our shirts and jeans! We were happily surprised! As for my shoes almost everything came out.  I sprayed the cleaner on my shoes, not too much though, and every color came out except for the pink (which stained the seeming lines).  Remember it was also raining so there is also mud on these shoes, oh and I forgot that I needed to wash them till a sweet friend reminded me - they were sitting on the back parch, so the color had a couple days to set in. 
Also, in case you've never dried your shoes I found a cleaver way to do it.  Just tie your shoe laces at the top and catch them in the dryer door that way they don't bounce around when you wash them! 

Do you have any tips for preparing for The Color Run? 
Let us know in the comments! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

what I wore: manic music monday

If you follow me on instagram you will know that Brand and I participated in The Color Run this weekend! It was lots of fun and what made it even more fun was that it was poring rain! Sure I was freezing to the point where I couldn't feel my arms, but a little bit of jogging fixed that right up. The whole thing was super fun, I don't think another color run would be as fun without some rain.  
After our fun color run, or as my SIL called it the "watercolor" run - she is quite creative, it felt like the day had just begun! We got the best hot chocolate at QT some snacks and headed home.  It was still raining outside so of course we hung out in our pjs all afternoon watching movies and catching up on some catfish.  I can't remember the last time Brand and I just got to sit around and just be together, there is something just oh so sweet and simple about that. 
So today I'm bragging about the awesome weekend we had and despising that it's Monday.  This time around I really don't like Monday. How do I rewind time and freeze it??
Coming up this week: 
How to prepare for The Color Run
How to keep the color in your color run shirt. 
How was your weekend? 
What songs remind you of the fun times you've had?
Here are my weekend songs: 
Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson on Grooveshark
Catch my Breath
All Alone
Even If It Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band on Grooveshark
Even if it Breaks Your Heart
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Friday, January 25, 2013

my week in pictures

It's that time again, the day that will forever be loved and longed for.  It's FRIDAY!!! I've got some fun instagram pictures to share with you! Do you have instagram? I love instagram, sometimes I think I'm on it too much, it can be very addicting! Follow me @lyssadawson

^^ Dear puppies at the humane society, why are you so cute! I love you all and want to take you home with me. Every time I leave your "temporary home" my cheeks hurt because I've smiled for the past 4 hours. 
Dear Brand, you are so handsome.
^^ Dear Yogurtology, I wish I could eat you every day. 
In case you wanted to know what I like in my ice cream check it out, obviously there is nothing healthy in there. 
^^ Cute puppies! (: 
^^ Dear side part, I think I like you.  What do you think?
Dear Brother, I love this picture. 
Dear mom, thank you for these comfy socks, I really love them! (: 
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

awkward and awesome

 sweatshirt: circa 1985, shirt: A&F '06, shoes: target, earrings: the limited
- Walking into the bathroom at school and I see the bathroom stall door is laying on the floor.  I start to worry and look around the bathroom as if there would be some freak in there just tearing down the stall doors.  I don't see anyone and then another girl comes in, she looks at me and says "is everything okay?" "oh, it was like this when I got here and I don't know what happened." -- Did she think I took that door off the stall? Dude, I can hardly pick up a 20 pound child. 
- Elevator silence, what kind of conversation are you supposed to have in a 20 second elevator ride? I mean it's awkward so it feels like you are supposed to say something, but I never know what to say!
- When you know you put on deodorant but feel like you still can smell something b-o-ish and try and smell yourself to see if it's you or not. I mean obviously you can't just lift your arm and smell your arm pit, I don't think that's even socially acceptable in Europe.
- When someone is obviously fishing for a complement.   

- This sweatshirt, I would like to thank my mom for saving this wonderful dig.  Now I don't have to pay up the bum to buy one (;
- Waking up on Sunday, Brand's side of the bed is really warm and I tell him "Wow Brand, your side of the bed is really warm!" he quickly responds with "Well, that's because I've been fighting bad people in my dreams."
- We are walking out of target and notice this couple who obviously are only there for something specific. As they get closer and closer to the scarves/jewelry/watch/purse section -- you know the part at the front of the store where you can choose to go left, straight or right? The guy is veering left and the girl keeps going straight, next thing we hear is "Pssst, Sarah! NO!" as Sarah lets out her evil laugh.  As a target lover I clearly knew what was going through her mind! 
- Finding a clump of hair in my backpack tightening strap. So that's why it hurt really bad when I tightened my backpacks straps the other day.
- The one day I don't bring a jacket it rains. 
-  Seeing your bus driver give a student a cig. and then see them smoking together before the bus ride. #thatscute

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

if I were a boy

Kay, so I totally thought this was going to be lots of fun Erin from Living in Yellow and Gay from A Girl named Gay are doing this super cool link-up.  Now mine is not going to be as funny as theirs, but I'm trying! 

First, lets get this straight I'd be tall dark and handsome, by dark I mean my tan would be there, but it wouldn't be over the top. I'd have the best skin I mean it would be totally flawless and I'd have great hair.  Just picture your male crush, I'd be him, although I wouldn't be looking for love because I'm married.  

If I were a boy, I'd wake up ten minutes before I had to leave for work, casually find some clothes, run my fingers through my hair, --running my fingers through my hair would be enough "combing" for me, I'd grab some grub --because that's what I would call it, find my most comfortable pair of shoes and walk slowly to my car. 
If I were a boy I'd bring home "Friday Presents" nothing too dramatic, just small things to let her know I loved her. 

If I were a boy I'd wear the same thing every day and still manage to look and feel attractive.  I would rotate between my favorite pair of comfy pants, that look like I belong on a beach, and a pair of jeans that are starting to get a hole in them.  Every now and again I would switch up the shirt I wore, only because I don't want to smell like a bum. I would ignore the pile of dirty laundry building up on my side of the bed, because sooner or later my wife would clean it up. 

If I were a boy I'd wear a hat all the time and when I took my hat off, my hair would still look great.

If I were a boy I'd know all the right words to say. I wouldn't go a day without saying "you're beautiful" or "I love you".

If I were a boy I'd complete my honey-do list before being asked and enjoy each and every task. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Influenster: Palmolive Fresh Infusions

You know you are an adult, and no longer living with your mom, when you get excited to try new dish liquid.     But I should have taken a picture of my face when I opened the package, I felt like a child on Christmas morning.  For reals!  

So, Influenster asked that I chose my favorite scent and give another to a girlfriend.  So, I took them over to my mom's house had her pick her favorite scent, and told her to let me know how it works and if she likes it more than the soap she uses now. I knew she would be a good person to test these out because she is always cooking which in turn provides lots of dirty dishes!

Here is out review: 

We both enjoyed the scents, I chose the lime basil, my favorite part was being able to smell the dish liquid when I came home from work.  (It's smells really good!)  Overall we both like Palmolive Fresh Infusions.  I've always purchased Dawn dish liquid because it was popular and was the only thing that I really knew of.  I honestly thought the others were just wannabes.  After testing these Palmolive Fresh Infusions I have to say both products are good and the only thing that would deter me from choosing one over the other would be the price.  The Palmolive Fresh Infusions work well; it is a very sudsy soap and seems to be a little bit thinner than Dawn, but it works just the same. I do recommend this product and am sure I will purchase it in the future.  You can purchase these Palmolive Fresh Infusions at Target and Walmart. 

*This review is my own, Influester gave me this product to write my own honest review on. 
I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


Monday, January 21, 2013

what I wore: manic music monday

outfit details: shirt: thrifted, cardi: downeast bacsics, belt: steve madden jeans: macy's, boots: famous footwear, earrings: the limited

Remember when I talked about how I liked Mondays if there were holidays? Well, thanks to the calendar,  today is a holiday, which means it's going to be a good day!  I mean come on, what day isn't good that starts off with sleeping in and no work? Want to know what I have planned for today? A whole lot of nothing! haha, well I've got a little project to finish up but that should be pretty simple.

But, how was your weekend? Our weekend was definitely fun, we spent our Saturday morning and early afternoon at the Arizona Humane Society! I can't get enough of that place, I swear after 4 hours there my cheeks hurt so much from smiling! Those puppies make me so happy!

Let's talk about this shirt though, so I went to Goodwill last weekend, when they had the 50% off everything, and got this shirt for $1.99. For reals! I mean, holy cow that's awesome, I think I'll be headed back there this weekend! Let me know if you want to tag along! I'm always down for thrift store shopping partners! I had a fun experience at the local Goodwill though, so I was rummaging through the clothes when this lady came up to me and started rummaging too.  After a bit she asked me about the shoes she just found, she wanted to know if they looked cute and if they were for women.  She proceeded to show me the other items in her basket and ask for my opinion on some of them.  I don't know if it's just because I'm studying social work, but as we went our separate ways, after talking for some time, I started thinking about her life. I wondered who she lived with, if she was married, did she have kids, where did she work, what kind of experiences she has had in life, why she started talking to me-not that I minded because she was very sweet.  But, sometimes I really enjoy being able to step into someone's life for a brief moment in time.  I like to think she had more confidence in wearing  that cute black top with leggings because I said that it would look so cute. Or that she would really enjoy those new shoes and flaunt them because they look brand new but she got them for 5$.  I don't know what it is, but I loved that moment.

Here are some tunes that remind me of the weekend:

Little Talks
There is just something about this song that gets me, I don't know if it's because it has an "older" feel, but I love it!
The Edge of Glory
(Sometimes you just have to get up and shake what your mamma gave you when you hear this song!)
Must Have Done Something Right by Relient K on Grooveshark
Must Have Done Something Right.
(When I was 18 my friends and I made a music video to this song, and let me tell you this, it would be a huge youtube hit if we would've put it up! haha!)

Anything you want to shout, brag, or complain about?! Leave it in the comments!!  Ooohh, and let me know what songs remind you of your weekend!

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spiritual Sunday

It's too often that I find myself expecting something to happen just because I've prayed about it.  
Life is not that easy. 
God works in mysterious ways and is willing to help us if we are willing to reach out to him.  But it's important that we don't just sit back and assume that He is going to fix everything.  We need to be doing our part in order to fully receive answers to our prayers. 


Saturday, January 19, 2013

what I'm liking: Saturday


I've been on this piano referb.paint kick for a little bit now.  I started playing piano when I was in 2nd grade and decided to stop once I got into college. Then I moved out and got married and we don't have a piano.  I got to thinking the other night, as I was about to fall asleep - maybe this is called pillow thought? Anyways, I thought that it would be so much fun to have my own piano, I could find a cheep one on craigslist and paint it! I had the urge to get up and start surfing right away, but I had to tell myself that it was 11 o'clock at night and that I had to be up super early to catch the 8 o'clock bus to school. 

My fascination waited till the next day when I found some beautiful pianos online. I am hooked on a couple pianos, but I haven't been able to convince Brand about getting one yet.  In fact, he started laughing when I was telling him about it.  Silly Brand.   Maybe he's right though it would be such a hard time to get it up the stairs and my neighbors probably wouldn't like to hear all the racket coming from it.  Maybe it's best to wait for when I grow up and have my own house.  But I guess for now I can dream and look at everyone else's pianos. 
Awesome tutorial on how to paint your piano
What about a white one?!
I really like this idea, but I don't have wall space for it, so cute though! 
This one could belong at an old bar, looks real cool! Maybe like a jazz club. 
Mint is so popular now, and I love this bench! 
So artsy, I love it! 
This one is so cheerful
Do you life in an apartment and have a piano?
Have you ever referbed/painted a piano?

Friday, January 18, 2013

my week in pictures

If you are following me on instagram you would have noticed a theme for this week.  That being Fall.  You see, In Arizona we have our seasons a little bit backward.  Starting in mid April Summer begins, now it's not 100plus degrees yet, but you know what I mean. Then when we hit October 31st it starts to cool down, and from December 25th till about January 20th it's freezing cold. (This is typically the point in time where everyone and their dog gets sick) Between January and April the weather is almost perfect, but can seem warm to you non Arizonans.  

So, this week the leaves fell from the trees and we thoroughly enjoyed them. 

Follow me on instagram @lyssadawson

 ^^ We went and visited the Phoenix Temple to see the progress, I can't believe they are going to have it done this year!! 
 ^^ Had fun with meats and cheeses, don't you just love that cutting board?!
^^ "I am the last leaf on the tree, and the wind is blowing." -Gordon B. Hinckley
 ^^ My sweet husband playing duck-duck-goose with the primary kids.  Let them be little. 
 ^^ Does this picture look cold or is it just me because I was there for the picture?
^^“...everyone wants to be excited by something magical and wondrous - to be reminded of how they once saw the world ...” ― John Geddes

Dear Fall/Winter, Please don't leave, as you can tell we are really enjoying having you around.  We love playing in those crispy leaves and hearing them chomp beneath our feet. We love to see the last leaf on the tree just hang there with hope. We love to see the red cheeks and noses that children get, it helps us know that they are enjoying you too. 

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

awkward and awesome


- The classroom seat swapper.  I swear this girl has sat in a different seat every class, I wouldn't mind, but it just gets everyone thrown off and please don't sit in my seat, then we will have a major problem. 
- Waiting for the bus in the morning and this girl thinks its socially acceptable to talk about everything that is going on in her life to the person at the other end of the phone. Normally I wouldn't care, but she was the only one on talking in a silent crowd of about 30 students, one of the things she was talking about was how she didn't have mace and that anyone could rob her. Maybe we were on that show "What would you do?"
- Getting off the bus can be a pretty awkward experience. I stand up, hit my head on the air conditioner thing, then my headphone cord gets stuck on the seat handle and pulls me backward.  Mind you I'm sitting in the front of the bus and everyone is waiting for me to get-the-lead-out. Then as I'm walking down the walk-way I start to stumble like a drunk. (I think I was a little dizzy from the head bump and getting yanked by my headphones.)

- Finding out that classes this semester will be my easiest yet!
- Fun family nights, there is nothing more fun than being with family.
- Talking with friends before class starts.  I love making new friends and I love making people laugh! 
- Remembering that the color run is next week! It's my first color run and I seriously cannot wait for the whole thing! 
- Being the only one in class who knows about Tonga and in my mind explaining that I only know about it because of the movie the church put out about it! Anyone remember The Other Side of Heaven?! 
- Looking at my snapchat list and seeing that I have 26 new snaps. #nevergoingtoteach8yearoldsaboutanythingsocialmediaeveragainever. 
- I have worn the same boots every day for about two weeks, I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to ware them all the time, but I do feel like these outfit post are getting old with the same shoe. I'm very sorry! 


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