Monday, January 30, 2012

The Reason We May Never Know

Cardi: F21, Shirt: DEB, Skinnies: Macy's, Necklace: Armani, Bracelet: Vintage, Shoes: Coach, Earrings: CR

Have you ever wondered why things happen?
Do you believe they happen by chance or maybe there is a reason they happen?

I am a believer of reason.
There are reasons we meet the people we do,
Reasons for the friendships we make with them,
These reasons we may never know.
Maybe they teach us something special
That we need to understand
Maybe they teach us a new trait
That we will need to know for our future.
Have you ever thought about it?

Have you ever wondered why different things happen at different times?
Like, maybe all these bad things are meant to bless you
They are meant to uplift you and they are
For your greater good?
Maybe you are better off because of them?

I have been blessed by so many things this year.
My faith has continued to be strengthened
My eyes have become more open
and I am more in tune with the reasons.

I am grateful for the trials that have already blessed my life.
I believe 2012 is going to be a great year for blessings and
Eye opening situations.

Momma Go Round

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Counting Blessings

RIP Puppy

So this weekend was pretty hectic,
Lots of things going on and so much to do.

Monday came a long so suddenly
and so did this phone call...

A phone call where
the person on the other line is in a panic
The first thing you hear is
"Lyss, I'm hit!"
You pray and hope that nothing is seriously bad
and of course, all the worst possible scenarios
run through your mind in the next 5 seconds.

To make a long story short I'm grateful
that my husband wasn't hurt in the accident,
Our sweet little infiniti was totaled BUT,
You can always replace a car.

Just a little reminder to count our blessings and
remember that,
things happen for a reason....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Silent Sunday

So, it's been a busy week for me.
Work, Work, Work,
School, School, School,
ASU is down so I "have time" to
(I really didn't because I still should have been doing my school work!)

When does life stop being so busy so I can just take time and smell the flowers?
(note to everyone I'm allergic to flowers!)

Well, lets hope for a better week!
A less stressful,
more laughing,
happy week!
And a Happy Sunday!
Here are the words that will be filling my mind this week:



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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A New Beginning

Top: Gifted; Belt: F21; Necklace: CTR ring/Vintage; Watch: Gifted; Jeans: Buckle; Boots: Gifted; Earrings: Wedding

 (I'm not too sure about this one haha I just wanted to show you my boots! Oh and the belt is sideways on purpose!)

Hello lovely blogging ladies!
(and gents if there are any)
My have I been gone for so long!
I miss you all and
I miss all the lovely comments I received!

I just wanted to give you an update on my life,
like what has happened to me since I stopped blogging.

There are many reasons why I stopped blogging.
I haven't been open about a lot of it and I'm not sure I am ready to be.
Lets just say, now I feel rejuvenated,
I feel ready to take on the world,
I'm not starting up the blog again
(in case you were wondering)
Now I have even MORE going on!

If you remember THIS post
You will remember that I really wanted to go back to school
I simply couldn't afford it.
Not that I can now either...
(p.s.- I changed my major to social work!)
Back in November I had a very strong urge
This urge told me that I NEEDED to go back to school!
I don't know why I felt this way,
but I did.
I'm choosing to follow this 'urge'
And I'm back in school!!
I've been applying for scholar ships for the past month.
I'm hoping and praying for some kind of miracle with this.

So on top of my 44+ hour work weeks, volunteer work, husband, family time, and etsy,
I have 4 classes to work on!
Let's just say I found out my schedule for this coming week and I need to:
read over 12 chapters
take 3 quizzez
do a discussion board
and work on my future "bigger" projects.
I'm pretty excited though.
I know some of you are thinking... "Pshhh she has it easy."
I would tell you,
"Only if you REALLY knew how it was."

So wish me luck on my new adventure!
I'm ready to start....
How ready?
Well, school started on the 5th and I already had an assignment done the week before! (:
THATS how happy I am!!

I have been flooding my mind with positive thoughts because sometimes I
get SO overwhellmed and
my Pinterest "Positive Posters" have really been helping!
(take a look for yourself!)
I'm grateful for all the support I have already received,
I really need it! (:

I hope you all are doing so well and
I hope you are enjoying the new year and enjoying all it has to offer.
I hope you are accomplishing all the things you have ever wanted to accomplish!
Remember, stay positive!
You never know whose life you can brighten with one little smile or a 'hello'!
Surround yourself with positive things and you will be so happy!

Thank you all for stopping by! I hope to hear from you soon!!
Send me an email?!

  Momma Go Round
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