Wednesday, December 12, 2012

our story: the reception


our story: the reception decor
our story: the wedding day
our story: the engagement

Only half of my family is LDS, so the half that is not LDS was unable to be in the temple with us when we got married.  So, before our reception we decided it would be appropriate to do a "wedding ceremony" (I use quotes because it was not an actual wedding ceremony).  We asked our Bishop to explain to our family and friends the reason why we get married in the temple and why they were not able to attend, we also had him talk about the importance of eternal marriages  I don't remember much of the ceremony, but I do remember the part before the ceremony when Brando, yes still Brando, lost his wedding ring.  I kid you not, his wedding ring was lost for a good five minutes right before the ceremony, definitely one of the highlights of the reception! After the ceremony our visitors showed up and we started the reception line. 

I hugged so many people that night and some of them were people I didn't even know.  But it was a great night, I saw so many faces from my childhood and so many faces from my new life it was really great.  There were so many moments from the reception that we missed because we were in line greeting everyone, but thankfully Brando's friend recorded some of the reception for us. Although it was weird for him to record, just because it's weird randomly recording someones reception, it all turned out great! 

After we greeted everyone in the reception line we cut our beautiful cake and then our photographer made us dance.  I say made because that is literally what she made us do.  We didn't have a dance planned, to be honest we both thought the dance would be kind of lame, but we did it anyways - for photography's sake. The reception was great and it was so nice to have family and friends celebrate our important day with us! 


  1. I can't believe he lost his ring! haha sounds stressful! You look so pretty!

  2. You are gorgeous!!!

    Love your dress, esp the back details!

    That was really sweet of yall to do a "wedding ceremony" for the part of your fam who couldn't go into the temple.




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