Monday, December 03, 2012

a weekend win

Today, and frankly from Saturday night until now was a total bust. So, I'll talk about my Saturday instead of complain about grown up problems mostly because I'm not ready to open up about them.

As you all know Brand and I volunteer at the Arizona Humane Society and we absolutely love it!  This weekend was no different except now we've graduated and can do adoptions!! So if you live in Arizona and are looking for a forever pet, visit me at the Arizona Humane Society!! (Shameless plug I know but, these animals are so sweet! ps I'm not a crazy dog or cat lady because I actually don't have any pets!)

My next feat... being on Pets on Parade. For you non-Arizonans Pets on Parade is a show that airs Saturday at 12:30 on 3TV  and features several pets from the Arizona Humane Society.  Ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to be on the show and last Saturday I found out that I'm totally qualified to do it! I'm sure you're sitting there shaking your head and saying, "that's dumb, she blogs about this?" But it's true and someday it will happen! But until then, I'll enjoy watching people adopt all the lovable dogs!

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