Monday, November 05, 2012

friday night calls for fun

First let me say that these pictures were taken at night and I have a horrible camera phone!

Brand and I had a pretty busy weekend, busy in a good way. Friday night we headed over to First Friday in  downtown Phoenix and had lots of fun! Remember when I said I couldn't wait till it started to cool down so that we could go exploring downtown? Well, it cooled off and we went exploring! It was such a great night and we had a delicious dinner, the soft pulled-pork with fresh arugula from the red wagon was the best! One of my favorite parts was seeing a beautiful church, we couldn't go inside, but for me there is always something special about cathedral churches. Maybe it's because they remind me be the spectacular Notre Dame Cathedral is Paris that has amazing stain glass and so much detailed art work around its archways.  Maybe its the history that they hold and the lives that have been in them. Either way, I'm a sucker for cathedral churches. I'd say our Friday night was a success, not to mention we ran into some old friends! Life couldn't be better!

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